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‘There’s No Need For Vegan Organizations To Compete’ Says New Animal Think Tank

The Think Tank wants to help activists become more effective in what they do by motivating them to use theories of social change to guide their actions

UK Restaurants ‘Scrambling To Meet’ Skyrocketing Demand For Vegan Food

Animal liberties benevolence PETA has propelled a leader for hospitality organizations including restaurants and taverns, to help them expand their vegan repertoires

The complete guide to sugar

Is it is feasible to lose weight without starvation? FREE Download: Ketogenic Diet Book >> KetoVIP. Whether sugar is simply a source of “empty calories” or something more…

Guide to Dining Out on a Low-Carb and Keto Diet

What to dictate in eateries when you follow a low carb and ketogenic nutrition. Common sources of obscured carbs in favourite banquets. Dinners to feed and shun when…

The Complete Guide To Losing Weight

Is it possible to lose weight without famine? FREE Download: Ketogenic Diet Book >> KetoVIP. Are you stuck in a round of yo-yo dieting or can’t seem to…