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H&M Launches Collection Made With Vegan Pineappple Leather and Orange Silk

Inventive vegan substances are going mainstream, as a fashion monster makes new fabrics built to be sustainable and animal free to the British high-pitched street

Lush Launches ‘Zero Waste’ Refillable Lipstick Case For Its Vegan Make-Up

The cruelty-free being says the case, which is plastic-free and recyclable, has a ‘vintage design’

Taste of summer? IKEA serves up plant-based ice cream

Swedish furniture whale goes out strawberry aroma vegan soft-serve

Nestlé Launches Vegan Burger Saying ‘Plant-Based Is Here To Stay’

According to the world menu whale, the brand-new patties ‘don’t compromise on spice, composition and cooking experience’

Papa John’s Pizza Expands Vegan Options With Cheesy Wedges

Following the success of its vegan pizzas, the fast-food being has added more plant-based furnishes to its menu

Food Giant Alpro Launches ‘Plant-Based Bucket’: A Zero Waste Vegan Takeaway

The ‘world’s firstly fully edible takeaway’ debuts in the UK on March 7

Meat Giant Kerry Group Planning ‘Significant Drive’ Into Plant-Based Sector

The corporation, which is best known for its Richmond sausages and Mattessons snacks is the latest meat monstrou to propose moves towards vegan nutrient – in a bid…