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Brunei to punish homosexual sex with death

A brand-new statute which comes into outcome from next week will reward homosexual fornication and adultery with death in the small southeast Asian dominion of Brunei.

Does Your Thyroid Need Dietary Carbohydrates?

Thyroid hormones have an important role in settling metabolic charge. When some people endorse a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, their thyroid hormone stages may be altered. Various parts may contribute…

‘Attenborough Effect’ May Be Responsible For Drop In Single-Use Plastic

A new survey suggests David Attenborough’s films on climate change are having a major impact on buyers

Top 10 Low-Carb and Keto Foods High in Electrolytes

Follow a low-grade carbohydrate diet the right way while avoiding common gaffes. Inventory of the best sources of magnesium, potassium and sodium to shun keto-flu, a possible side…

Senate Passes Virginia Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act

The mood is now closer to prohibiting sales of cosmetics which include ingredients that ought to have recently experimented on swine. If delivered, the new law would take…