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30 Indulgent Comfort Foods With No Meat Or Dairy

You’d never be able to guess these banquets are secretly vegan. View Entire Post >~ ATAGEND

These 30 Comfort Foods Have No Meat Or Dairy, But You’d Never Know It

You’d never be able to guess these snacks are privately vegan. View Entire Post >~ ATAGEND

Dairy Farmer Admits Most Arguments Against Veganism Are ‘Nonsense’

He said it’s ‘time for the agricultural community to get their premier around veganism’ as customer appreciations change and customers opt for more plant-based alternative concoctions

Dairy Exposé Reveals Abuse On Farm Supplying Nestlé

The footage documented by Compassion Over Killing( COK) exposes what the organization describes as ‘senseless and violent abuse of baby moo-cows and their defenseless calves’

Vegan Brand Perennial Debuts Dairy-Free Drink For ‘Healthy Aging’

The company is founded by Brent Taylor, Co-Founder of vegan firebrand Beyond Meat

Dairy Free Vegan Keto Hot Chocolate | Low-Carb Plant-Based Recipes | Kind & Keto

Imagine wrapping your cold hands around a hot goblet of this on a chilly #keto evening. Just looking at it you are able to virtually reek the rich…

Vegan Brand Qwrkee Debuts Dairy-Free Pea Milk In UK

The plant-based alternative to dairy, made from 95 percentage unadulterated pea protein segregate, claims to match all the nutritional benefits of cow’s milk

Vegan Journalist Who Was Threatened After Writing About Dairy To Share His Story

Chas Newkey-Burden is best known in vegan roundabouts for his viral Guardian essay ‘Dairy is scary. The populace are waking up to the darkest part of farming’. He…

Vegan Activists Occupy Starbucks In Anti-Dairy Protest

The activists from DxE said they wanted to ‘expose some of the hard realities of the dairy industry’ by holding placards and talking about the dairy industry through…

WATCH: Non-Vegans Try Plant-Based Cheese And Can’t Tell The Difference

BuzzFeedVideo has pranked half a dozen cheese suitors by feeding them a selection of dairy-free alternatives

Vegan Brand Swedish Glace Expands Its Dairy-Free Ice Cream Range

The busines recently announced the welcome of two brand-new spices, available national in the UK

Vegan Bodybuilder Nimai Delgado Built This Body Without Ever Eating Meat

The athlete opened up about grown up as a lacto-vegetarian, and the moment that ultimately manufactured him give up dairy for good

‘Dangerous Dairy Products Should Be Ditched From Nutritional Guidelines’ Say Doctors

A vast group of physicians is calling on the 2020 -2 025 Dietary Guidelines Committee to represent Americans well informed the ‘scientific evidence against dairy’

Dairy Farmer Launches #MilkPintChallenge As Latest Anti-Vegan Campaign

The challenge is aimed at promoting British dairy, and follow’s the most recent ‘Februdairy; strategy, which failed to capture mainstream media attention

Advertising Watchdog Rejects Complaints Against Vegan Anti-Dairy Advert

The complainants questioned a statistic the advert consumed, in text saying ‘9 5,000 Male Calves Shot in a Time- The Dairy Industry’s TRASH’

Vegan Company Moo Free Expands Its Range Of Flavored Chocolate

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Vegan Brand So Delicious Launches New Dairy-Free Frozen Desserts

The brand-new strand of vegan desserts is certified gluten-free, vegan, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Dairy Farmers Feeling Increasingly Under Pressure From Vegan Activists

The spate in vegan activism could be playing a major part in an increased number of dairy farmers leaving the industry

Dairy Farmers Need ‘Protection’ From Vegan Activists, Says Politician

Environment Secretary Michael Gove shaped the comments during a agricultural powwow – adding that he is a big fan of the anti-vegan ‘Februdairy’ marketing campaign

Ed’s Diner Turns Its Famous Shakes Vegan

The totters are shape with vegan ice-cream and an oat-based dairy alternative to maintain the thick creaminess and spice synonymous with an Ed’s shake

‘Dairy Lovers’ Send Violent Death Threats To Vegan Activist

Animal advocate Joey Carbstrong has been inundated with exasperated senses telling him to ‘jump off a cliff’ and the other saying ‘when I get my hands on you…you’re…

Amul launches camel milk in select markets

The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd, proprietor of dairy symbol Amul, on Tuesday advertise the launch of camel milk in hand-picked markets of Gujarat.Branded as ‘Amul Camel…

Vegan Olympian Launches Podcast About The Dangers Of Dairy

Silver medal cyclist Dotsie Bausch will host the show about how to live a dairy-free life together with onetime framework, organizer, and actress on Baywatch Alexandra Paul

Vegan Magnum Ice-Cream To Launch In The US

The saloons are already available in various countries including Australia and the UK – now dairy-free shoppers across America can buy the Magnums which come in two flavors