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Protein Pancakes (gluten-free, whole grain options)

These protein pancakes get a nutritional increase from pot cheese and Greek yogurt! The recipe builds enough for just two people but you can easily double or even…

Gluten-Free Banana, Coconut and Blueberry Muffins

We’re always on the looking after for new muffin recipes around here, especially ones that are as delicious and healthy like these Gluten-Free Banana, Coconut and Blueberry Muffins….

Gingerbread Brownies

12/ 19 inform: Three beings have now said that these brownies came out bitter for them. A few have said that they were great and that they loved…

No-bake Almond Butter Cookies (vegan, gluten-free, whole grain, dairy-free)

These soft and chewy no-bake almond butter cookies simply take a few minutes to put together and are full of yummy autumn flavors! Naturally vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and…

Pumpkin Spice Cookies (paleo, vegan, low-carb options)

These chewy pumpkin spice cookies are sure to be a hit with your paleo+ vegan sidekicks as well as gluten eaters! This recipe also has a low-carb option….

Banana Pancakes (gluten-free, vegan options)

– I’m fairly picky with my flapjacks. I don’t like bready ones. Especially entire speck bready ones. So don’t worry- these aren’t your normal cardboardy whole cereal flapjacks!…

Sauteed Apples (naturally vegan, paleo, gluten-free)