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In Italy’s city of love, global far-right groups join forces under a ‘pro-family’ umbrella

In a 17 th century palazzo in the Italian municipality of love, an international federation of far-right politicians, republican partisans and religious leaders have work together in hate.

Here's The Baltimore City Council's Brutal Message To Scandal-Plagued Mayor, And Her Response

In an unambiguous, two-sentence account questioned Monday, every active member of the Baltimore City Council called on embattled Democratic Mayor Catherine Pugh to resign “immediately” amid the increasingly…

New York City declares a public health emergency amid Brooklyn measles outbreak

New York City has declared the measles outbreak affecting the Orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg to be a public health emergency, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday.

Texas official investigates city for banning Chick-fil-A location

The Texas us attorney general is investigating whether the city of San Antonio transgressed Chick-fil-A’s religious liberty where reference is restricted the fast food chain from its airfield.

Activist Secures Meeting With Senior Priest In Bid To Make Pope Go Vegan

Animal advocate Genesis Butler has traveled from her home in Los Angeles to Vatican City in an attempt to meet Pope Francis