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On a Budget? These Low-Carb Recipes Cost Around $10

Dieting can be so expensive, which I personally find stymie. But budget-friendly health recipes are out there! We pulled together 15 low-carb dishes that clock on at around…

New Vegan Puddings From GÜ To Launch In Supermarkets Across The UK

The animal-free desserts will roll out in Asda, Co-Op, Morrison’s, Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s places around the commonwealth from this week, retailing at PS3. 50 for a two-pack

Europe’s First Conference On Vegan Protein And Clean Meat Launches Next Month

The occasion aims to improve positive media attention and public awareness around plant-based proteins and cell-based proteins

Vegan Orders From Uber Eats Skyrocket By 23% In January

The online food ordering and delivery pulpit feels the increase ties in with Veganuary – which has learnt around 250,000 people pledge to trench animal concoctions for a…