My Journey to Rythmia Life Advancement Center: The Land of Miracles


Rythmia: The Land of Miracles


This is a hard-bitten essay to write … because, as I record, I am acutely aware of the fact that terms can never indeed captivate the immense, life-altering profundity of what I suffered at Rythmia. But I am going to try to capture as much as I can in the hopes that those who are ready for a quantum leap in their personal and spiritual raise will get a sense of what awaits them if they decide to become the wander down to this beautiful little slice of planet Earth. So, with that being said, let’s begin.

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These daysAyahuasca and Accelerated Personal GrowthIn a nutshell

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Every single person I met there was incredibly glad they chose to partake of the medicine by the end of the weekNourishing Your BodyIf the only thing they did is serve Ayahuasca


It helps to think of Rythmia like this: everything here is meticulously designed and continually being optimized to facilitate deep healing

As someone who spends quite a bit of time sampling luxury retreats all around the worldThe Equation for Deep TransformationLet’s start with the food. First off

Now a word of caution: don’t come expecting five-course gourmet meals. The food here is tasty

To support the healing of your physical body even further

After your massage

And finally

All of these things combined create a beautiful foundation for what are

FirstSpending Time with GerryNext up on their transformational buffet are the workshops held throughout the week by visiting guest teachers like Reverend Michael Beckwith


PlusThe Art of Being Well Cared ForThat’s another thing I really liked about Rythmia. It was very casual

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NowA Father-Son Journey into the UnknownWith all of that being said

My father’s intention was largely to get to the mental and emotional roots of his stubborn and intense health challenges from Type 2 diabetes that weren’t really being helped by the treatments he had been doing over the last few years. Despite his best efforts with both natural and western medicine

As a young

There was

And with thatThe Ayahuasca CeremoniesEvery night for four consecutive nights

After a relaxed introduction and a question and answer session with the shamans and facilitators conducting the ceremony for the night

Each night


After receiving the medicine from the shaman’sThe Sacred Journey BeginsAnd then it begins. Over the course of a few minutes to a few hours

I laid down on my mat and that’s when the real journey began–the journey into the heart. Suddenly

As I acclimated to the new reality of profound joy and wonder that I was thrust into

Revelations of this magnitude continued throughout the night. It was like a getting a Ph.D. in the mechanics of my personal reality and our collective reality in one sitting. I was shown lesson after lesson of why and how things are the way they are

And everything I have just shared is only skimming the surface of what transpired on night one. To capture everything would require hundreds of pages for each ceremony. Such is the nature of these medicines and why they are often lovingly referred to as “teacher plants.”Night Two: Deeper and FurtherNight two continued the journey I began on the first. I went deeper into unconditional love. Further out to the edges of reality. I bathed in the perfection of all that is–the immensity of the wisdom of nature. I saw its inner workings

I wandered outside this night. Good move. It was stunning. Seeing the stars under the influence of the medicine was astonishingly beautiful. People were dancing

I came back inside to close the night. The absolutely exquisite music being played–sacred icaros and inspired songs from those singing and creating directly from the level of the soul–was its own transformational experience. As we sat in the closing circle that night

Although my journeys were nothing short of profound

Others were in a similar place too–and this is why the medicine is traditionally consumed for multiple nights in a row. It’s clearing out lifetimes of pain and suffering–decades upon decades of self-doubtNight Three: Cosmic DreamsI actually decided to sit the ceremony out. This is not the normal protocol; and for the vast majority of people who go

And that’s exactly what happened. I thought I was staying in my room to get caught up on sleep–what I got instead was the medicine taking over my dreams and pushing me even further out to the edges of reality as I lay by myself in the darkness of my room goingNight Four: The Edges of RealityBut the next night


It started like any other. We received our Hape

Instead I became infinite.

And while I am tempted to try and describe what that was like

As the sun rose and the night came to a close

We went our separate ways and met again briefly over lunch. Gerry checked in with us bothBreathwork and the Final MiracleThe transformational theatrics I witnessed during the four nights of the Ayahuasca ceremonies with a room full of people purging

I looked back at my father who was in the row behind me. His face had changed color. He had vitality and life for the first time in years. It was palpable.

At dinner a few hours later

In one week

As for meVisiting RythmiaIf you are interested in visiting Rythmia

Be sure to also check out their social media channels where they o er free workshops from their resident and guest teachers:

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