Roast Leg of Lamb Recipe with Caper Butter and Mint Sauce

Looking for roasted lamb recipes? Want to make a lamb shank? Try our best lamb recipes here…

Serving lamb as part of a Sunday roast? We have plenty of ideas for roasted lamb, including rib anchovy butter lamb with boulangere potatoes, rosemary and apricot-stuffed leg of lamb. We have tips-off for how to prepare lamb, which roasting tin to use and how to get juicy lamb.

If you’re looking for alternative roast recipes for Easter Sunday, check out our best ever roast recipes here .




Choose leg of lamb, lamb shank or lamb shoulder for our roasteds

How to cook the excellent roasted leg of lamb

Roast lamb is a classic Easter Sunday beloved- here’s how to get it juicy and pink on the inside, and beautifully crisp on the outside.

Roast Leg of Lamb Recipe with Caper Butter and Mint Sauce

Slow roast leg of lamb

Our rosemary and apricot-stuffed leg of lamb is really delicious and worth a little effort for the excellent Sunday lunch. Learn how to stuff your own leg of lamb with our simple step-by-step guide and serve with some roasties, commons and lots of gravy!

Roast Leg of Lamb Recipe With Rosemary and Apricot Stuffing

Slow-roasted lamb with mad oregano

Impress love and family at your next muster with this succulent and comforting slow-roasted lamb recipe with mad oregano.

Slow-Roasted Lamb Recipe with Wild Oregano

Roast lamb with anchovy butter and boulangere brand-new potatoes

This spring lamb recipe is one of our favourite show-stoppers. The richness of the boulangere potatoes toils wonders with the anchovy buttered lamb. Perfect for an easy weekend sluggish cook.

Roast anchovy butter lamb with boulangère new potatoes

Leg of lamb with pomegranate and balsamic onions

Give classic cook lamb a inventive makeover. The sweetness of the ribbed onions is offset by a good splashing of balsamic vinegar, and pomegranate molasses is used with a touch of harissa as a coat for the lamb.

leg of lamb with pomegranate and balsamic onions

Slow-roast leg of lamb with spate labneh

Mechoui lamb is traditionally roasted in a oppose for hours to give meltingly tender flesh. Long, sluggish cook in a low-toned oven mimics this. Try abusing a gradual cooker to make this recipe.

Slow-roast mechoui lamb leg with mint labneh

Ras el hanout spiced leg of lamb with aubergine pilaf

Check out our lamb cook with aromatic ras el hanout and an easy spiced aubergine pilaf. A spicy alternative to a traditional roast, lamb is perfect for soaking up Middle Eastern flavours.

Ras El Hanout Lamb Recipe with Aubergine Pilaf

Lamb kleftiko

Check out these easy sluggish cooked lamb shanks with waxy potatoes. Kleftiko is a Greek dish of lamb and potatoes sluggish cooked with white wine, lemon and oregano. Serve with food for mop up juices, and a light-green salad garmented with red wine vinegar and olive oil.

Lamb Kleftiko Recipe

Slow-cooked lamb and autumn veg one jackpot

Check out our easy slow-cooked lamb with crunchy autumnal veg. This hearty one-pot is lovely served with cooked cereals such as pearl barley or spelt.

Easy Lamb Hotpot Recipe with Autumn Vegetables

Roast lamb buttock with flageolet and springtime veg ragout

Check out our succulent lamb rump recipe with soft and affectionate flageolet beans and an easy fragrant sauce vierge. Make this easy lamb recipe for a dinner party.

Lamb with Flageolet Beans Recipe served in a white and grey bowl and a glass of red wine

Lamb shank rogan josh

Looking for a lamb shank rogan josh recipe? Using lamb shanks signifies this lamb recipe is tender and full of tone. No is required for a takeaway when you can devour these straight from the oven! Or simply solidify in sections for a warming and aromatic midweek meal.

Lamb shank rogan josh

Summer roast lamb with tomato and caper marinade

Try our recipe for seasonal roast lamb with a fresh tomato and caper marinade. This roasted lamb recipe squandering leg of lamb is a great alternative for Easter Sunday if you’re looking for something lighter.

Summer Roast Lamb Recipe With Tomato and Caper Marinade

Barbacoa lamb carnitas

Our gluten free, slow-cooked lamb tortillas are great for a feast between family and working friends, extremely over the Easter period. Serve with our homemade salsa and guacamole immerses plus a range of exceeds so everyone can get stuck in and make their own. Here are our favourite crowdpleaser recipes to create the eventual feast .

Barbacoa lamb carnitas

Pulled lamb with plum-sriracha

Looking for a lamb recipe to serve on Easter Sunday? Check out our pulled lamb recipe with a sugared plum-sriracha marinade. This lamb is slow cooked for six hours for the eventual melt in the mouth meat, serve in the middle of the table for excellent sharing food.

Pulled Lamb Shoulder Recipe with Plums

Three-hour shoulder of lamb

Looking to cook a lamb shoulder? Try this three-hour meltingly affectionate shoulder of lamb which is perfect for a Sunday roast lunch and is zinged up with a rush of fresh coriander and mint.

Three-hour shoulder of lamb

Slow-cooked shoulder of spring lamb, peas, wide-ranging beans and pile

This recipe for slow-cooked shoulder of spring lamb, peas, wide-ranging nuts and pile comes from Noble Rot and is great for an easy but superb dinner party central. Try obligating it for an easy Easter Sunday lunch.

Slow-cooked shoulder of spring lamb, peas, broad beans and mint

Got lamb leftover? Use it to make a lamb curry…

Lamb and tomato curry with batch yogurt

This lamb and tomato curry with pile yogurt takes a while but is really easy to perform. Serve with some naan bread and a generous component of rice on the side.

Lamb and tomato curry with mint yogurt

Mini lamb hotpots

Want a classic hotpot recipe? Make a batch of these mini lamb hotpots and stop them for last-minute. They’re easy to make and enormous for an Easter feast.

Mini lamb hotpots