High-street health chain Holland& Barrett has announced the launch of a range of low-calorie own-brand ice-creams in a variety of tempting flavours.

Holland & Barrett vegan ice-creams

The vegan ice cream market is set to surpass a ethic of$ 1 billion by 2024 with huge dairy ice-cream makes such as Ben& Jerry’s, Cornetto and Haagen-Dazs keen to get a scoop of the action with the launch of vegan and dairy-free ranges.

Keen to get a scoop of specific actions, high-street health chain Holland& Barrett has announced the launch of a range of own-brand ice-creams in a range of tempting flavours.

In a proposal to competitive other low-calorie labels such as Halo Top, the health food and augments retailer has launched peanut butter, passionfruit and salted caramel flavoured frozen desserts that contain less than 140 calories per serving.

The frozen treats, which will retail at PS3. 99, are dairy-free and organic, and while the peanut butter and passionfruit variants are coconut-based, the salted caramel flavour is constituted applying avocado to give a peaches-and-cream and smooth texture.

Not exclusively are the ice-creams low-grade calorie and vegan, but the retailer has also sought to utter the container as eco-friendly as possible by using a sealable top rather than a separate lid to reduce the amount of packaging needed for each tub.

Speaking to The Grocer, Holland& Barrett nutritionist, Amy Tolofari, said: “Avocado and coconut act as the perfect alternatives to dairy in ice cream, bringing a emcee of health benefits to the range. Avocado’s buttery texture means you get the same creamy consistency as you would expect from normal ice cream, with nothing of the dairy .”

Holland& Barrett has propelled the range in all 715 UK limbs with a buy one get one half cost promotion.

Image credit: The Grocer

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