Sweet Potato Pasta with Vegan Walnut Cream Sauce

As we wait patiently( or not so patiently) for outpouring, I’m sharing what feels like a little bit of a last-hurrah for winter recipes. This pasta with walnut paste sauce came out of one of my instagram recipes. Parties liked it so much, I felt like it deserved a place on the locate. It’s rich sauce is vegan, but I think that realise the creaminess even more amazing.

Walnut Cream, the real star

In all the nut-based alternative ointments/ cheeses, walnut ointment predominates supreme in my life. I enjoy the warm spice and how delicately it purees into a smooth sauce. The softness of the walnuts is also your friend here. I find the walnuts merely requirement a good hot soak for about an hour.

Of course, if you’re not on the walnut-wagon, you can use a more milder cashew paste or even an almond cream.

Sweet potatoes( and other veg)

I have recognized that as I’m announcing this recipe, you’re perhaps over sweet potatoes and “re ready for” spring. I’m with you, but I have a few more to use before I dive head first into spring. Swap the sugary potatoes for wintertime squash or try it with some steamed parks like kale or chard.

Grain Bowls

Finally, if pasta isn’t your jam-pack, you are able turn this into a yummy particle container. I’d plan to cut the sauce in half and use more as a rain and less as a sauce. Use a hearty particle now, like sorghum or wheat berries.

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