Clams in Garlic Butter Recipe with Soda Bread

Make one of our very best fresh clams recipes for an easy seafood supper. Try our inventive ideas including steamed clams and clam chowder or try linguine and clams for an easy midweek meal.




British clams are in season from September to April

Spaghetti alle Vongole with samphire

Add to your spaghetti repertoire with this spaghetti alle vongole( it makes a classic Italian supper ). The clams are cooked in baked white wine, which combined with the natural clam liquid and samphire make a lovely rich sauce for the pasta. Plenty more spaghetti recipes now .

Spaghetti Alle Vongole Recipe With Samphire

Clams with immediate XO sauce

Clams are in their prime in the more wintery months, so give this clam recipe a go with a fast and punchy XO sauce. XO sauce is coming from Hong Kong and is traditionally concluded with baked shrimps and cutlets. Check out more of our seafood recipes now .

Clams With Quick XO Sauce Recipe

Garlic chilli clams recipe on sourdough toast

Make the most of clams in our easy, low-pitched calorie garlic chilli clams dish with crunchy sourdough toast. Try this impressive seafood recipe for a weekend lunch.

Fresh Clam Recipe with Chilli and Soughdough Toast

Linguine with clams, chilli and garlic

This impressive clams recipe makes an effortless dinner party pasta saucer. Search for the small, sugared palourde( likewise called carpet-shell) clams either sustainably reaped or raised off the south coast. If you’ve not cooked them before, don’t annoy they are very easy and worth the effort, the finished food is divine. More posh pasta recipes now .


Drunken clams with chorizo

Put clams at the centre of this saucer and be used with punchy chorizo. Our vibrant clams recipe is low-cost in calories and ready in only 20 hours – excellent for a midweek dinner. Dish with surly bread and gobble straight from the pan, if you like. Many more midweek meal impressions now .

Clams Recipe With Chorizo And Beer

New England clam chowder recipe with oyster crackers

Want to fix the most of clams while they’re in season? Try them in this thick-skulled and peaches-and-cream sauce with the salty sweet tones of bacon and clams( it’s an American classic ). Oyster crackers are small, salted crackers added to the top of the soup, a little bit like croutons. Check out our very best soup recipes now .

New England Clam Chowder Recipe With Oyster Crackers

Clams in garlic butter recipe with parsley soda dough

Clams are in season from September to April- this easy recipe pairs them with garlicky butter and homemade testy soda meat. Check out more of our fish recipes now .

Clams in Garlic Butter Recipe with Soda Bread

Clams, mussels and chorizo with fino and aioli

Make the most of clams in this rapid classic shellfish soup formed easy. Mussels and clams are cooked in sherry and finished off with garlic mayo, aioli. Perform with slices of baguette for dunking. More mussels recipes now .

Clams, Mussels and Chorizo Recipe with Fino and Aïoli Recipe

Spaghetti with clams and gremolata

Liven up clams in this dish with gremolata, standard for the purposes of an easy snack for two. This immediate seafood recipe used to work equally well with linguine. Many more linguine recipes now .

Spaghetti with Clams and Gremolata Recipe

Pork and clams recipe with tomatoes

A quick and simple casual fish dinner with clams recipe, perfect for a dinner party with pals. This classic Spanish saucer mixes the fresh ocean spice of clams with the heated, spicy hot of chorizo. Check out our very best pork recipes now .

Clams Recipe with Pork and Tomatoes

Clams cooked in cider with smoked bacon, chorizo, parsley and chilli

Put clams are the heart in this seafood recipe. This dish needs to be cooked and gobble straight away, so have your guests in situ whilst you do the cooking. Clams aren’t expensive and are incredible paired with bacon, chorizo, herbs and chilli.

Clams in Cider Recipe with Smoked Bacon, Chorizo and Chilli