Shortly after Avicii’s death in 2018, Geffen A& R Neil Jacobson spoke toVariety in an interview and called the music Avicii had been working on his” best music in years .”

” We were working on it and it was his best music in years, frankly. And I know because I[ A& R’d] all of his albums ,” he said at the time.” He was so inspired. He was so psyched. We had done a month of grinder seminars. We had to actually articulated end occasions on its present session because Tim would just work for 16 hours straight, which was his sort. You had to draw him out. Like,’ Tim, “re coming in”. Exit to bed. Get some rest .’ It’s precisely a misfortune. We have this incredible, supernatural music .”

At the time, the destinies of this accumulation of music was unsure. His clas, father Klas Bergling and mother Anki Liden, retained restrain of his property, including his music. Now, they’re creating the Tim Bergling Foundation, the goal of which will be , among other things, to support organisations that prevent suicide. A final book of Avicii’s work, TIM, will too be secreted this year.

In a new interrogation with Dagens Nyheter, sidekicks and co-producers on the album Kristoffer Fogelmark, Salem al Fakir, and Albin Nedler describe Avicii’s state of mind after retiring from touring.

” It felt like Tim was coming back to life ,” said al Fakir.

And more, some chorus showed there was a darkness underneath.

The first single from the recording, “SOS,” out this Wednesday, April 10, contained words like,” Can you hear me- SOS! Cure me situate my knowledge to rest…” and ”I don’t want to be seen in this influence I’m in, I don’t want you to see how depressed I’ve been .”

” Tim has spoken about the words as if they were in the past. A age which had been difficult that he had moved on from ,” observes Fogelmark.” When I listen these ballads now I can’t stop envisage, hell- is this how he was really feeling? Could I have done anything ?”

“SOS” are naturally stir up some sensations in love – it’s out Wednesday. The full album TIM comes out June 6 and contains 16 ever been released Avicii songs.

This article was first be issued on Your EDM. Informant: New Avicii Music Will Be His” Best Music In Years “