Korean Lamb Chops

Learn how to cook lamb cuts with our top recipes- try a lamb chopper marinade, rib lamb choppers in the oven or serve a whole rack of lamb for a special opportunity. With flavour combinations from around the world, these lamb chop recipes will give you batch of new ideas for cooking chops, cutlets and rack of lamb.




We use lamb chops, lamb cutlets and rack of lamb

Sizzling tandoori lamb cuts

Bring forceful tandoori spices into the kitchen with these deliciously spicy lamb cuts, served with a dynamic chopped kachumber salad.

Tandoori Lamb Chops Recipe served on a wooden board with warmed naan bread and a chopped kachumber salad in a blue bowl

Plum and sesame lamb cutlets

Coated with a sticky, sweetened glaze with a kick of sriracha, these plum and sesame lamb cutlets by Rosie Birkett are sure to be a smacked at your next home feast. More exciting BBQ doctrines now …~ ATAGEND

Plum and sesame lamb cutlets

Korean lamb chops

Learn how to consume an Asian-style lamb chop marinade to create a real profundity of flavour with this irresistible Korean lamb cut recipe. Make it a full dinner with our Korean recipes now …~ ATAGEND

Korean Lamb Chops

Spiced lamb cutlets with smoked aubergine

Smoky aubergine and aromatic spices make this lamb cutlet recipe a magnificent winter warmer.

Spicy Lamb Cutlets Recipe with Smoked Aubergine

Lamb chops with aubergines and murderou mary salsa

An remarkable cocktail-inspired recipe, tabasco and worcestershire sauce are used to deliver an unforgettable bloody mary salsa.

Lamb chops with aubergines and bloody mary salsa

Grilled lamb cutlets in spicy green miso

Create a dazzling centrepiece with this eye-catching plate of lamb cutlets, garmented with a spicy lettuce miso sauce.

Lamb Cutlets Recipe with Green Miso

Blackened lamb with spices

One of our all-time favourite lamb bowls, make sure these seasoned lamb cutlets are well chargrilled for the full effect.


Spiced lamb choppers with saffron yogurt

Great for easy entertaining- the saffron and garlic yogurt obligate these feel special, but the quick concoct lamb means you can spend more time with your guests.

Spiced lamb chops with saffron yogurt

Lamb choppers with pesto borlotti beans

Simple and homely, try these griddled lamb choppers served with heated borlotti nuts and pesto for a fibre-rich midweek banquet for two.


Mustard and rosemary marinaded rack of lamb

Planning a weekend BBQ? With rosemary, garlic and a kick of Dijon mustard, this marinaded rack of lamb will be a real crowd pleaser.


Spiced autumn lamb with butternut squash puree

Lamb is often believed to be as a springtime menu but a few more months out in the pasture opens a fuller flavoured flesh. Perfect for the purposes of an autumnal dinner with sidekicks, experience this gently spiced rack of lamb alongside a butternut squash puree.

Spiced autumn lamb with butternut squash purée

Lamb cutlets with plenty relish

Our take on the classic lamb and spate combo. Feed four with tender cutlets of lamb, fried and served with ribbed new potatoes and topped with a sugared pile and shallot relish.


Lamb choppers with fruity couscous and pile

Step into Morocco with a new slant on a lamb chopper dinner- fruity couscous, zesty lemon and fresh herbs genuinely introduce this dish to life. Plenty more couscous suggestions now …~ ATAGEND

Lamb chops with fruity couscous and mint

Kankoko fu kohitsuji( lamb cutlets with Korean spices )

For intrepid foodies with access to a good Asian supermarket, this authentic Korean lamb dish is a wonderful acces to explore this on-trend cuisine.

lamb cutlets with Korean spices

Harissa lamb cutlets with tahini yogurt sauce

A healthier preference for dinner, this recipe for harissa lamb cutlets and tahini yoghurt sauce comes in at under 500 calories. Try cooking with harissa with our brainchild here …~ ATAGEND

Harissa lamb cutlets with tahini yogurt sauce

Lamb choppers with salsa verde

Whip up a delicious salsa verde- moved with parsley, batch, capers and lemon- for this must-try lamb chop recipe. Make a bit additional salsa and use it the next day spooned over fish or chicken.


Herb and polenta crusted lamb

Try this easy herb and polenta layer to give an extra crunch to your lamb chops- an impressive but time-savvy dinner.


Lamb cutlets with stir-fried spring onions

Combine lamb cutlets with a quick and easy stir fry, flavoured with Chinese five-spice and fresh ginger.

Lamb cutlets with stir-fried spring onions

Korean-style lamb chops with spicy sesame cucumber salad

Achieve a perfectly poised sweetened and sour spice with these stickies grilled lamb chops, paired with chilli sauce and a spicy cucumber salad.

Korean-style lamb chops with spicy sesame cucumber salad

Grilled lamb with roasted fennel and spicy grape relish

Olia Hercules shows us how the humble lamb cut can be transformed into a wonderful dinner party dish- it happens to be gluten-free, too.

Grilled lamb with roast fennel and spicy grape relish

Lamb cutlets with pesto and beans

Fans of pesto will desire this Italian-inspired recipe of tender lamb cutlets with cannellini nuts, tomatoes and rocket.

Lamb Cutlets Recipe with Pesto and Beans

Raphael Duntoye’s marinaded lamb cutlets

For a cheffy dish with a Mediterranean twist, try these marinated lamb cutlets by Raphael Duntoye.