Creme Egg Brownie Cake Recipe

Looking for the most wonderful easter cakes? Try our Easter baking recipes for easy Easter desserts.

We’ve got all your springtime baking necessitates right here, from Easter cake ideas to Easter biscuits and more Easter treats such as super recreation rocky arteries, Creme Egg brownies and homemade donuts filled with special Easter spice. We also, of course, have a foolproof red-hot cross buns recipe to treat your friends and family to.

Remember, we’ve also got a whole section totally devoted to Easter recipes right here if you need inspiration for Easter Sunday roasteds, or what to serve at a Good Friday dinner party. Joyous Easter!




We use Creme Eggs, cinnamon and batch of chocolate in our Easter bakes

Brooklyn blackout Easter cake

Easter furnishes an excuse to eat as much chocolate as possible. Edd Kimber has put his own change on this American classic by flavouring the custard replenishing with grey chocolate and cardamom and, to keep the original’s chocolate flavour intact and the gaze of the patty the same, embellishing the outside with a silky-smooth chocolate frosting.

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Chocolate Blackout Cake

Dirty chai chocolate layer cake for Easter

The best Easter cakes use spate of chocolate … Inspired by the grimy chai( a masala chai latte with a shot of espresso ), this showstopping patty boasts seams of chai ganache and chocolate ombre sponge.

Chocolate Layer Cake Recipe with Chai Ganache

Blood orange sticky frosted buns

These somewhat buns a more processed edition of that cake shop staple, surpassed with a zesty blood orange frost and moderately edible flowers. Favourite at Easter, you’re sure to excite family and friends with these beautiful buns.

Orange Sticky Buns Recipe

Creme Egg brownie Easter cake

The best Easter cake to make for your favourite chocolate lovers. Chocolate cake+ Cadbury’s Creme Eggs= HEAVEN. Whip up our chocolate traybake for a special Easter treat, or make it any time of the year( we are really do )!

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Creme Egg Brownie Cake Recipe

Hot cross buns

One a penny two a penny Hot Cross Buns! Try our foolproof recipe this Easter, stirred juicy with golden sultanas, smell with nutmeg, and sticky with marmalade.

Easy Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Chocolate Easter cake

Looking for enormous Easter cakes minds? Check out this quick and easy basic chocolate rinse patty that you can top with your favourite Easter treats. Why not try lending mini eggs, Creme Eggs and your favourite chocolates for ultra forbearance? This moist chocolate cake is a super simple-minded, all-in-one cake for all those chocolate suitors out there.

Easy Sponge Cake Recipe for a Basic Chocolate Sponge Cake

Easter tray cook

Check out this super simple, super recreation and super moreish bumpy artery jam-pack with Easter treats. Perfect for an easy Easter baking project with the whole family.

Easter Rocky Road Recipe

Baked Easter spiced donuts

The best Easter treats! If you haven’t obligated these donuts yet, you haven’t lived. Bit of an exaggeration, but dangerously: our ginger and Speculoos-spiked donuts are i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e!

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Baked Donut Recipe (Plus: How-To Video)

Banoffee cake

We’ve made a popular banana cake and passed it a banoffee pie make-over. Our cake is backpack with bananas, taken into consideration in peaches-and-cream caramel buttercream and topped with caramelised bananas for additional indulgence.

Banoffee Cake Recipe

Scotch Cadbury creme eggs

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce … The Scotch Creme Egg! We’re talking Cadbury Creme Egg, coated in chocolate brownie morsel and disperses. And yes, it is as delicious as it looks.

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Creme Egg Scotch Egg Recipe (Plus: How-To Video)

Butterscotch and pretzel millionaire shortbread

These indulgent squares of millionaire shortbread will go down a treat at Easter. The butterscotch applies this classic childhood favourite a real grow up penchant and we’ve drizzled extra chocolate on top.

Millionaire Shortbread Recipe with Butterscotch and Pretzels

Hot cross kanelbullar

This recipe minces up a classic Scandi cinnamon bun with spicy hot cross bun spices – excellent for impressing guests over Easter bank holiday.

Kanelbullar Recipe (Swedish Cinnamon Rolls)

Ginger Easter cookies

Make these easy Easter cookies for a signature of lily-white chocolate for a change. Check out these soft, chewy ginger cookies with peaches-and-cream grey chocolate ganache. These cookies make a great sweet treat to go with your afternoon tea .

inger Sandwich Cookies Recipe with Caramelised White Chocolate

Chocolate and salted pistachio babka buns

Edd Kimber has traversed the spice of a babka with the looking of Swedish cinnamon buns to start these chocolate and salted pistachio babka bun for Easter. You can oblige these with regular pistachios, but if you want to push them a bit farther it’s worth tracking down colourful light-green blanched slivered pistachios from Middle-Eastern grocers.

Chocolate Babka Buns Recipe with Pistachio

Easiest ever chocolate fudges cake

This chocolate fudge cake recipe is super easy and speedy to manufacture so it is perfect for when “youre going to” roast a last minute simple-minded yet debased patty for Easter. You don’t needs to have a chocolate with a high% for this, simply standard night chocolate is fine. More chocolate cake recipes here …

Easy Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Chocolate and peanut butter snack patties

Impress your friends and family over Easter with these enjoyables and quirky chocolate snack cakes with peanut butter. These individual mini patties may take a bit of is now time to build, but they’re well worth the wait. Plus, keep them in an airtight container and they’ll last for up to 3 days.

Chocolate Snack Cake Recipe with Peanut Butter

Carrot, pistachio and toasted marshmallow patty

Want an easy carrot patty recipe for Easter? Try our gluten-free carrots cake with pistachios and almonds for a showstopping Easter bake.

Carrot and Pistachio Cake with Marshmallow Icing

Jamaican ginger and caramel cake

Check out our lenient Jamaican ginger and caramel cake for a show-stopping Easter cake project. This layer patty compiles for the perfect gala cake, what’s more, it’s gluten free extremely. More birthday patty and revel cake feelings now …

Jamaican ginger and caramel cake

Lime, plenty and milk chocolate patty

Check out this stunning loaf patty with fresh mint and zesty lime from baker, Edd Kimber. This seriously moreish recipe realise for a show-off sweetened analyse to dish your friends and family.

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Mint Chocolate Cake with Lime

Tahini bundt

This recipe from Edd Kimber combinations chocolate, tahini and sesame brittle for a really indulgent patty. If you’re not sure how this will taste, thoughts peanut butter and chocolate but with more depth.

Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe with Tahini

Chocolate marble patty

with mocha glaze

This chocolate marble cake with mocha coating looks really impressive and appreciations just as good- broil it and put on the table for Easter, or try one of our chocolate cake recipes

Chocolate marble cake
 with mocha glaze

Pistachio swirl Easter cookies

Looking for an easy Easter cookies hypothesi? Shape our pinwheel biscuits: uttered with chocolate and pistachio, these flaky plows are quick to cook. Make plenty they won’t last for long when the family recognise them. We plan to serve them on Good Friday, to get everyone in the chocolatey Easter mood!

Pistachio Pinwheel Cookie Swirl Recipe

Sunken Nutella cake with Baileys paste

This indulgent sunken Nutella cake with Baileys cream is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, specially if it’s dessert on Easter Sunday. We’re pretty sure it will follow your primary of roasted lamb quite well! Got some Baileys left over? Implement it up in one of our Baileys recipes right here .

Nutella Cake Recipe with Baileys Cream Recipe

Cherry blondie tart

Readymade pastry constitutes this easy, but it’s still special enough to serve to friends and family. Cherries and white chocolate( because Easter is all about white chocolate, extremely) are a amazingly good combo.

Cherry Blondie Tart Recipe

Chocolate and feeling result Easter cake

Check out this stunning chocolate patty with a milky anger result curd. This moist and merciful creation is a real showstopper and will make for an epic performance dessert. Just look at that glisten!

Chocolate Passion Fruit Cake Recipe

Hot-cross-bun amaretto turned

The beverages manufacture is changing its focus to reducing garbage and increasing sustainability, and that’s the revelation behind this recipe. Use hot-cross buns that may be a little past the most appropriate to make this easy Easter-spiced twist on amaretto sour.

Make this quaint cocktail to suck with your Easter bakes. We have abundance more cocktail recipes now .

Hot-Cross Amaretto Sour