Classic Fish Pie Recipe

Try these fish pasty recipes today- we have an easy fish pie for the family, a light-headed and healthy fish pie, an indulgently creamy fish pie and more. Procreate a luscious fish pasty sauce, try a different fish pasty assortment and get inspired by new ideas for the ultimate consolation food.

A fish pie recipe can be as classic or modern as you make it. Try working salmon, smoked haddock, prawns and even cutlets to pep-up your fish pie recipe, or swap the traditional mush potato transcending for indulgent exhale tart. Find a brand-new beloved with our fish pasty recipe collection.




We exerted haddock, salmon, cod and more in our fish tart recipes

Mushy pea fish tart

Fans of hokey peas will adoration this epic fish tart recipe, terminated with a veiled layer of vibrant-green peas buried underneath a yummy puff pastry topping.

Best Fish Pie Recipe with Mushy Peas

Bombay fish pasty

Prefer a bit more spice in your life? Try this ingenious synthesi- a classic fish pasty compressed with Indian aromas and impelled with a peaches-and-cream coconut milk sauce. Try our Indian hake curry very …~ ATAGEND

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Classic fish pie

For comforting flavors and a freezer-friendly develop, this classic fish tart transcended with fluffy mush potato is sure to become a family favourite.

Classic Fish Pie Recipe

Quick fish pasty

Fish pie is one of the ultimate comfort nutrients but can take a bit of time to clear. If there’s exclusively you, try our cheat’s version that’s ready in just 20 hours – excellent for a midweek pick-me-up.

Cheat’s fish pie

Fish pie jackets

A fun twist on a family favourite, we’ve combined the crispy shell of a baked potato with an easy fish pasty occupy and buttery mince on top. Here’s how to attain the excellent skin potato …~ ATAGEND

Fish Pie Recipe In Jacket Potatoes

Healthy fish tart

Keep it healthy with this lighter copy of a classic fish pasty. Consuming half-fat creme fraiche and plenty of spinach, this easy recipe manages to come in under 500 calories.

Easy Fish Pie Recipe

Luxury fish pies with rosti transcending

Swap the mash for a crispy rosti transcending with this crisp fish pie recipe- the gorgeously golden crown becomes it feel extra special.

Luxury Fish Pie Recipe

Bumpkin’s fish pie

Pack your fish tart full of flavor with smoked haddock, salmon, cutlets and a signature of Pernod- try this cheffy version from brasserie radical Bumpkin for a plush dinner.


Fish pie with vermouth veloute

Bring together a brilliantly boozy veloute sauce- obligated with white wine and cool vermouth- to originate this indulgent dinner party edition of fish pie.


Trout coulibiac

Discover a brand-new highway to enjoy fish with a Russian recipe, coulibiac. Flakey trout with rice, lemon and dill is cooked in a yummy exhale tart action to make a fish pie with a difference.