Super Seed Energy Balls

Most offsprings talk about wanting to become very stereotypical things when they grow up like physicians, professors, firefighters or primatologists … no wait, that was me–I intended to be the primatologist and I was probably one of the very few infants that dreamed about being one when they grew up.

When I was a kid I had a terribly obsessive infatuation with primates–mainly great apes but genuinely I would have made any monkey I could get. I have no doctrine when or where this obsession started. Since I can retain I have been fully captivated by apes and I would sit at the zoo for what felt like hours just watching the chimpanzees improve tools and groom one another. My idols were Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall and the only tales you could get me to predict were really anything written by Jane. I jealousy “peoples lives” they lived in Africa among the apes and longed to grow up and be just like them.

Super Seed Energy Balls

When I was about fourteen I decided on a vocation change and started focusing on being an actor–less promising but still much closer to home so my mothers were happy about that. Although, I’m not as widely successful as my fourteen-year-old-self pictured I would be, I have made a living off of being an actor( and a nutrient blogger of course) and I still hope to make it to Africa one day to watch chimp pedigrees through a duo of binoculars while I conceal behind Jane Goodall and some beings foliages. I sometimes think it is right what I would gobble there–you know, because these are the things I worry about. If I was to go to Africa and have to live in a rain forest for a few months, I would be sure to parcel a butt quantity of these super seed energy gnaws for a few reasons: they keep in an airtight container for weeks–especially if frozen, they are pact full of vitamins and minerals, they are high in calories, carbohydrates and solid to maintain me enlivened while I hike through the rain forest area sought for apes to observe in their natural habitat and lastly, I listen chimpanzees like appointments!

Super Seed Energy Balls Super Seed Energy Balls

Okay, so my reasons for moving these super seed energy pierces maybe don’t appeal to you as much as they do to me( or Jane) but they will stop you feeling great on a long trot around city or a excellent snack while on the go! Maybe one day I will enjoy these little bites with Jane herself!

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