In Australia 1 in 6 pairs struggle to conceive naturally.

So, occasions are, you or someone you know has experienced the atrociously gruelling and feelings journeying that is IVF. It’s an invasive process that leaves you physically and psychologically wearied and at times a terminated feeling wreck.

I can tell you from experience, my IVF journey was one of the most difficult treats I’ve ever tolerated and there’s not one thing on this clay that could have prepared me for how taxing it was on me.

Throughout my expedition I found that mostly an unwarranted sense of humour and misled feelings of hope actually did get me through. You have to believe it will happen, even if you know deep down your chances are quite slim. I was one of the luck ones. My IVF journey was fairly simple and straightforward in comparison to what many maidens face when you attempt to design. It didn’t stop me, nonetheless, from going through the 5 major theatres of what I announce The IVF Effect.

Stage 1: Cheated Hope and Misplaced Anticipation I Hate All Pregnant Women and the Other 4 Stages of IVF Conception | Stay At Home Mum

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I knew something wasn’t right and my GP gave me a referral. In eager anticipation I proceeded ahead and moved that call and booked in our consult. The day arrived and “wed been” full of hope and agitation, knowing we’d constituted the very first step toward idea. We stepped into our specialist’s consult room expecting a brief conversation and possible IVF options, based on the results of our diagnosis.

Instead my unprepared and unmanicured vagina got an internal ultrasound, and 4 inches into the Doc looking at my ovaries, the two partners was moved off to have his ball-sack screened. My hope had turned to’ What the Actual Fuck’ and my apprehension was now ominous instead of fervent. It was like waking up on Christmas morning expecting a brand new lustrou bicycle and get a rusty age-old tricycle instead.

It’s kinda what I missed … but not really.

What the inferno am I in for and why didn’t anyone was just told to scrape. FML.

After my partner’s ball-sack had been violated in ways that didn’t generate any kind of please, he was then transmitted to the’ porn room’ and expected to provide a test. I sat there seeing how he’d even grow one with everybody in the waiting area knowing exactly what he was up too. There he loomed, proud as punch and unashamedly dedicated Betty at the front desk his cloudy little cup of seman. I can’t get down if the dog is staring, it is therefore fucks me how humankinds can rub one out almost anywhere.

I Hate All Pregnant Women and the Other 4 Stages of IVF Conception | Stay At Home Mum

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We both leave and principal to pathology for blood tests in preparation of our next appointment. No one said a word because the pair of us were so fully confused as to what really took place. Is this what every appointment will be like? Can I ever gaze medical doctors in the eye knowing I’d not made any effort to tame my lady garden? Does my specialist mull I’m a atrocious bride because the two partners refuses to wear jocks? It’s such a fuck up and although still a little hopeful, I realised my prospect was acutely misplaced and I certainly didn’t conceals the same kind of feeling when attending my next appointment.

Places 2: Actuality- You Can’t Sugar Coat This Shit

After being so completely wrong in our expectancies for our consult appointment, current realities of IVF truly started to set in. We turned up to receive our diagnosis and as luck would have it, in my bag, the two partners was the issue. I was reproductively health. Although our chances of thought were a lot higher than many other duets. It certainly didn’t increase the intense medication programme that was ahead of us. As it is about to change, regardless of the outcome, the status of women is always tampered with, even if the man’s seman is in a ridiculously shitty state.

I Hate All Pregnant Women and the Other 4 Stages of IVF Conception | Stay At Home Mum

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We started the ICSI program, which was a powerful concoction of various hormones generating the stimulation of my ovaries. Instead of stimulating exactly one egg that month, my form was to meet twenty, and by the time egg harvest arrived I looked like I was six months pregnant. I was a mess. I had no idea how feelings I would be and just how quickly my outbursts would heighten to divorce fractions. I cried … a good deal. I was also angry and overwhelmed and had no idea how to domesticate it.

The reality was, every appointment was met with an internal ultrasound and more often than not, at the least 2 other people assembled to inspect my vag. I was a packet of intense hormonal vigor unable to suppress the crazy conceive motifs and behaviour. My husband couldn’t understand it and although to have a listing of physical side effects from medical doctors, was in no way advised about how fucking feeling I’d be. You couldn’t maybe sugar hair the experience, because even if disguised agreeably- the IVF bomb was literally seconds from exploding anytime something was of slight inconvenience.

Stage 3: I Hate All Pregnant Women

While digesting treatment I cuss everywhere I turned there were pregnant women. You know what I signify. That maid who junketed one drunken night and descended on her husband’s dick and although not planned, is ever so happy she’s pregnant. Or that other women on her fourth kid, that tells everyone;’ Oh- he really has to look at me and I fall pregnant’ and you kinda want to spit in her face. I didn’t “ve been meaning to” reviewer and I know now the issue is shocking things to think. But I candidly couldn’t help it.

Like I said, I was remarkably hormonal and full of senseless suppose structures. I’m sorry- I truly am.

I Hate All Pregnant Women and the Other 4 Stages of IVF Conception | Stay At Home Mum

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But earnestly at the time I was all fuck you Susan and your seven kids. Your mini-van isn’t even cool. While secretly pleasing I was Susan. I wanted to be the tired mum and the one at clas drop away half dressed, still in slippers and baby vomiting on my shirt. I wanted to talk about poo outbursts and the inconvenience that is auto benches. I urgently required a child and fought with how easy “its for” other women to see and wondered why it was me who had to go through this shit.

My ovaries exploded with every newborn I checked and would invest hours following crying on my bunk. It was overtaking to say the least, but still held onto the hope that at the end of all of this, I extremely would be pregnant. One daylight soon I’d have my very own baby to adoration. In the meantime nonetheless, I necessity the pregnant women to time chill while in my face. Of track I was happy for them, even amidst my hormonal meltdowns.

I was just happier for them if I didn’t have to see them.

Stage 4: My Partner is a Dick I Hate All Pregnant Women and the Other 4 Stages of IVF Conception | Stay At Home Mum

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Okay, sooooo this maybe wasn’t a theatre precisely. Perhaps more like a incessant underlying emotion that bubbled to the surface in all regions of the totality of my medication. Alright you got me! It wasn’t time during medication. We’re divorced now, so I pretty much thought he was a dick our whole matrimony. But hey, we all meet gaffes. In expressed the view that though, when I realised he was actually a cock, it was certainly during medicine. It was so intense and I viewed this acrimony toward him because he was the reason “wed been” having IVF in the first place.

I tried not to focus on why we needed management and stay focused on the outcome. But, that’s quite difficult to do when he’s concerned about “re missing a” footy recreation while you’re prepping for surgery. He chuckled afterwards when mean to tell me I snored under the general anaesthetic. It was a wanker move and it felt just like that time I get drunkard and made an arse of myself at the power Christmas party. I couldn’t remember what I did, but every other toss cup could and affection prompting me. It was a shit term and I often felt excessively unsupported.

I reckon a mix of not being properly informed about the feelings side effects of care and a spouse who really didn’t understand attained for a very isolating suffer. During IVF your spouse can be hugely supportive and it’s a assist. But to be honest; the three men will never truly assimilate what the woman is experiencing. Not because they’re all arseholes, but because they have a cock. They cum in a beaker, give it to Betty and their errand is done. It’s just another one of the immensely dishonest comparatives between a man and women, which has guided me to believe God is either a dick or he has one.

Stage 5: I am the Virgin mary- Immaculate Conception


I Hate All Pregnant Women and the Other 4 Stages of IVF Conception | Stay At Home Mum


After bracing a full bladder for what felt like a lifetime to, secreting it and having a duet fastens hang from my vagina hole to arrange my cervix. Now “wed been”. Embryo transfer. The daytime I’d been waiting for. I already searched pregnant on account of having ovaries the size of a 20 week old foetus. I was bloated, sore and had unimaginable back sting. But, I was perfectly beyond elicited to lastly be at this item. We were about to are pregnant and I couldn’t have been happier.

I Hate All Pregnant Women and the Other 4 Stages of IVF Conception | Stay At Home Mum

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It was kind of an anti-climax though if I’m honest. You can’t meet the fetu and upon carry the scientist has to confirm it has in fact been placed in your uterus using a microscope. You’re given a shit tonne of outraging gel that needs squirting inside your vagina and then … you wait. I at least thought I’d get a high five or maybe even a lollipop- but nothing. You’re exactly told to go home. The next few weeks feel like the longest in autobiography while you live in hope the very next appointment makes maternity confirmation.

I was one of the luck ones. Conception occurred at my very first IVF attempt. At 7 weeks pregnant I got to witness the heart-beat of my little kidney nut influenced foetus and I immediately fell in love.

I really did feel like the Blessed virgin and this was obviously an immaculate conception.

I Hate All Pregnant Women and the Other 4 Stages of IVF Conception | Stay At Home Mum

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Aside from the fact I didn’t have to have sex in order to get pregnant, it surely felt like a miracle. Not without its own clashes( but that’s a different story ), the 9 month pregnancy gone by and on Valentine’s Day 2008, I responded my beautiful daughter Matilda to the world via disaster C-Section. I no longer hated Susan and her mini-van, I didn’t give a shit about my un-maintained vagina and although I still supposed my husband was a dick.

For the first time since starting my IVF treatment everything in the word felt right.