Hello everyone

I apologize too much. I don’t know what it is. I do know that it’s a common thing for women in the United State( opportunities are it’s a worldwide thing) likely because “when hes” grown up we had to apologize for everything while our male counterparts could literally get away with carnage( Severely, there’s a court case where a fourteen time old boy freely confessed to slaughter almost immediately after his father made the fall for it. Now that kid is free-spoken and perhaps emphatically gonna get better at slaying! Who prepares these decisions ?!). I’ve apologized for marching down the road, breathing too loud, attaining dinner but not the claim dinner, a cluster of stupid substance.

I tell you this because a few weeks ago a very kind blogger Geez Louise commented on my post about me misleading for the second week in a row .

Please don’t beat yourself up for chewing a few snacks. It’s ok in moderation and you are losing weight but it needs to be a lifestyle change too. So if you have a few chippings- so what? Just don’t eat ALL the chips. If “youve had” some soda- cool have a little bit then get back to drinking water. You’re doing great so please don’t be so hard on yourself. Restrain up the good work and get straight back on it! Much love from somebody else “whos trying to” removed some force! xx


I believe I need to stop defending for substance like this. I truly am so hard on myself when it comes to diet changes that I chose to take a break from the blog for a bit. Just to reevaluate why I’m doing this, and also why I’m so hard on me.

I conclude I want it too much. I know there are plenty of people who say that you don’t need to be thin to be happy, and they’re right. It’s just that being thin presents you with much more openings. Off the top of my foreman 😛 TAGEND

Lower Risk of Cardiac infarction

Easier Pregnancies

Clothing is Cheaper

Better Sleep

So yes, I don’t need to be thin to be happier, but I do want to save money on clothes.( I had to buy scrubs this week, and when I went to pay, I found out that because it’s a bigger width, it’s twice as much. I expected like a dollar or two , not double the asking price .) I too want to have kids at some point- when I find someone- and not having a difficult gestation “d be nice”. Congestive heart failure guides through my family like crazy, so I should put forth the effort to lower the risk. Oh! And better sleep? You’re more likely to have sleep apnea if you’re overweight.( My brother was literally been said by medical doctors that if he loses fairly force, that it would make the pressure off, and he’d be able to get off his machine .)

I just want to reaffirm why I’m doing this. The most important reason to lose weight is to be healthy. It’s not even about being thin. It’s about discovering what is healthy for me, and maybe that entails I don’t need to do the Ketogenic Diet. I do affection it, and I have lost weight on it in the past. I simply don’t feel like my form can handle this standard of distres at the time. I roughly looks a lot like I need to retrain my torso to take in food in a positive way.

I’ve spoken blogs and narrations where people, usually gals, have moved the amount of meat they feed down to the smallest particle of rice, and then they calculate how many situps they have to do to lose that one grain of rice. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to count calories, but I am saying that there’s some mar that we do to our brains when we’re too obsessive about this.

Great song by Blythe Baird( Not Me) kind of conveys my personal anxieties about how far my desire to be reduce could take me if I don’t push toward a better relation with food.

Biblically, we’re told that we should ingest and guzzle and enjoy what the Papa has provided for us, and I’m beginning to wonder how much relish I have in the menu that I’m eating. If I affection brussel germinates more than anything else on the table, why would I contact for another helping of flesh? If I preference has become gluten free, why should I be ashamed of that? I literally spawn the most amazing gluten free mugs cake. It’s awesome. Sometimes I melt a little carbohydrate free peanut butter beaker in there and transcend it with sweetened turned ointment. It’s a dream.( Funnily enough , none of my gluten-y cup cakes ever turned off right .)

I know that not contacting for the vegetables when I do want more is a learned practice. Mainly because I rarely ever craved the vegetables my parents had to offer, but I digress. I want to change these bad habits. I don’t want to feel guilty for ingesting popcorn …( The paradox! I adoration popcorn so much better I applied it in my blog name( Granted this was before I even decided to make this a weight loss/ lifestyle change blog ), and you can’t have it in Keto .)


Thank you all for predict, and thank you very much for being so case with me as I come to periods with what my mas needs. Likewise is thanks to Geez Louise for her criticism. Clearly, it concluded me think it is right my mental and psychological health a lot. Quick thing on that tone. Our physical state is important, but if the desire to have good physical state destroys our mental and feeling states, then we likely need to reevaluate our goals involving said physical health. Which was the quality of this post.

Thanks again, y’all!

Starting Weight: 271

Previous Weight: 262

Current Weight: 261