Equinox group fitness instructor Raneir Pollard is back with an advanced HIIT workout that will challenge every muscle group. This 30 -minute workout contains five Tabata-inspired intervals, with periods of labor that last between 40 and 20 seconds. With moves like single-leg burpees and single-leg hip thrusts, Raneir will make sure you are working both sides of your body, and you will definitely be getting a gunman plunder burn! No equipment is needed, so no apologies not to try it! We predict Raneir will have you chortling through the burn.

Find more from Raneir on: https :// www.instagram.com/ raneirpollard/

On Allie: Reebok tank and Nux Active leggings. On Raneir: Rhone short-changes and Nike shoes. On Tarra: Lorna Jane top, 2XU tights, and Reebok shoes. Manduka Mats.

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