Commentary by Ronnie Cummins, International Director of Organic Consumers Association

“The Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt 19431

Welcome to Degeneration Nation 2019. The frightening truth is that genetically engineered nutrients and harvests, lethal chemicals and factory farms — the unholy trinity of industrial meat and agriculture — are subverting our continued survival. Public health and the health of the living Earth — our clays, groves, wetlands, watersheds, oceans and environment — are rapidly being destroyed, collateral shattering arising from the “profit at any cost” ethos of corporate agribusiness, Big Biotech, Big Pharma and Big Food.

Cancer, chronic illness, obesity, loss of fertility, mass hollow, learning disabilities and reproductive maladies have now become standards and norms, along with environmental degradation. The rhythms and rounds of nature — the feeling, the grime carbon cycles/second, the sea hertz, biodiversity, the environment and even the stability of our DNA — are unraveling.

Unless we are going to be able turn things around, shut down the factory farms, rehabilitate our soils, rehabilitate our watersheds and woods, and get rid of the toxins, GMOs and greenhouse gases contaminating our bodies and environmental matters, mounting evidence suggests that we may soon, perhaps in the cavity of one generation, pass the point of no return.

Hijacked System Threatens Environment and Health

Despite all of our endeavours to periods of public education and mobilization, distorted government officials, regulatory agencies and international trade bureaucrats have allowed Monsanto/ Bayer, Syngenta/ ChemChina, Dow/ Dupont and a cabal of multinational agribusiness, compound, grain and GMO business, aided and abetted by Madison Avenue, Wall Street and the mass media, to hijack our meat and agricultural plan and slowly but surely undermine our state, degrade the grime, pollute the environmental issues and destabilize the environment.

Although Big Food, the Gene Heavyweight and the Factory Farm lobby have managed to derail our efforts so far to ban GMOs, toxic chemicals and factory farms, parties in the U.S. and all over the world are starting to wake up.

After several decades of distres from buyer partisans, and a seemingly incessant series of meat safety gossips, Big Food Inc. has continued to lose credibility and market share. Backed by distorted politicians and powerful transaction organizations such as the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the majority of huge food organizations alienated millions of consumers by fighting against obligatory “country of origin” and GMO labeling of nutrients.

Watching customers turn away from their produces, large multinational nutrient and refreshment business such as General Mills, Nestle, Campbell’s, Coca-Cola, Cargill, Pepsi, Kellogg’s, Danone, Perdue, Unilever and others have been forced to try to shore up their statures and market share by buying up every sizeable organic brand willing to sell out. 2

At the same meter, monstrous supermarket series in The americas and across the world, including Walmart, Kroger, Safeway and Amazon/ Whole Foods, ought to have forced by customer demand to increase the sales and commerce of their store-brand private-label organic and “natural” commodities as well.

Even fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway, persuaded by slumping marketings among millennials and competitor from natural/ non-GMO food upstarts like Chipotle and Panera, have expanded their menus and put more emphasis on nutrition.

Having disappointed to shore up their sag profits with organic possessions alone, the menu monstrous have hired an horde of PR houses and political lobbyists to help them fraudulently “greenwash” and sell billions of dollars of their conventional( GMO-tainted, chemical and factory-farmed) concoctions as “natural, ” “all natural” or “ecofriendly.”

In response, groups including the Organic Consumers Association( OCA ), Beyond Pesticides and Food& Water Watch have propelled innumerable prosecutions, indicting fellowships for fraudulently labeling their commodities as natural, pasture-raised, ecofriendly or U.S.-made, when in fact they are not.

Despite all their coin and superpower, Big Food Inc. still notes itself on the defensive, desperately trying to reach out to evermore conscious and savvy shoppers, and to offset what OCA and allied menu organizers have been telling buyers for 25 times: Industrial, GMO-tainted, pesticide-laden, factory-farmed meat are bad for your state, bad for farm animals, bad for small farmers and farmworkers, bad for the environment, and as more and more beings are starting to understand, bad for the atmosphere.

GMOs, Industrial Agriculture and Toxic Chemicals

A proliferating regiment of intentional consumers is starting to understand the hazards of the pesticide and dose residues in our meat and spray, and the threat of lethal chemicals in daily buyer commodities, including cloak, body care makes, cosmetics, plastics, laundry and cleaning ingredients, mattresses, quilt, cellphones and computer maneuvers.

America’s thriving health awareness is a major operator of the growth in the organic, grass fed, natural health and dark-green produces areas. But deepening the industrial and agritoxic pollution of our nutrient, ocean and environment we have now, during the past several decades, “weve been” dragged into the Brave New World of Genetic Engineering and Frankenfoods as well.

Genetic designers, compound companies and Big Pharma have begun to implement a radical and aimless reprogramming — with limited or no prudence, safeguards or precautions — of the very ideas of life. They are genetically altering bacteria, viruses, seeds, weeds, animals, menus, trees, doses and now humen.

Almost half of America’s cropland was dedicated to GMO pastures, including over 140 million hectares of GE corn, soybeans, and cotton. Seventy to 80 percent of supermarket, eatery and clas cafeteria processed foods are adulterated with genetically engineered corn, soy, canola, high fructose corn syrup and cotton seed/ vegetable oil. 3

Meanwhile, 90 percent of our flesh and animal produces are coming out of factory farms, where sheep are stuffed with GMO animal feed( corn and soy ), and recklessly dosed with Big Pharma swine dopes and rise proponents.

And, of course, it is not just the genetic engineering, foreign DNA, antibiotic marker genes and viral proponents in these everyday( nonorganic) Frankenfoods and pastures that we need to worry about.

We likewise have to are confronted with the facts of the case that these gene meat and animal feeds have been doused with deadly pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. After 30 years of push feeding the populace a prodigious array of untested, unlabeled GMOs and low-grade, nutritionally defective “commodity” nutrients and cultivates fastened with pesticides like Roundup, dicamba, 2,4 -D, chlorpyrifos, atrazine, malathion, neonicotinoids and Bt, it is no wonder that public health is steadily declining.

The impact on the environmental issues of GMOs, chemical-intensive industrial agriculture and factory raises is equally destroying. They are responsible for water pollution, aquatic dead zones, aquifer exhaustion, deterioration of the soil’s ability to suck and hold water, breath contamination, slaughter of grasslands and wetlands, loss of biodiversity, killing off wildlife, insects and pollinators, and making soil erosion and massive climate-disrupting releases of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide.

Perhaps most risky of all is the impact of industrial agriculture on the loss of clay fertility and soil carbon, which has degraded the natural clevernes of healthy soil, seeds, pastures and trees to effectively carry out photosynthesis and drawdown, thus diminishing their capacity to sequester excess CO2 from our supersaturated atmosphere, into our clays and biota.

Factory Farms, GMO Animal Feed and Pharma Drugs

Ninety percent of the meat, dairy, and poultry consumed by the average( malnourished, supersized) American consumer today comes from populace, filthy, hellish factory farms and feedlots, euphemistically announced CAFOs( concentrated animal feeding procedures ).

The daily nutrition of the hapless individuals in these animal confinements frequently consists of pesticide-drenched GMO particles, antibiotics, raise promoters and a mind-boggling series of other Big Pharma swine drugs. The flesh, dairy and poultry coming out of these animal mills is low in nutrition, routinely adulterated with destructive bacteria, pathogens and animal medications, and laded with artery-clogging bad solids( low-grade in omega-3 and high-pitched in omega-6 ).

Study after study links the nation’s deteriorating health, including the chronic health plague of our babes, to the increasing amounts of noxiou chemicals and GMOs( basically pesticide delivery systems) dropped into our environment and laced into our food.

Although approximately 12 percentage of American consumers today, according to the latest questionnaires, are trying to protect ourselves and our families by ever buying organic foods, and 47 percentage rarely do so, most of us are disclosed day in day out to a attack of harmful, carcinogenic, hormone-disruptive chemicals and GMOs.

The median American diet, as and others have pointed out, is now mainly composed of highly treated junk food( 70 percentage) and beverages, together with factory-farmed flesh and animal makes — in other words, the different types of foods you can purchase at your local gas station, fast food restaurant or convenience store.

What are some of the state consequences thereof this toxic abuse? A recent Rand Corporation study4 found that 60 percentage of Americans suffer from at the least one chronic health problem such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and arthritis; and 42 percentage have two or more of these disabilities.

Chronic maladies now account for more than 40 percent of the $3.5 trillion that parties are handing over to Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex. Scientific studies indicate that the overwhelming majority of these chronic diseases are caused by environmental and dietary poisons, rather than inherited parts.

Half of all Americans are now expected to come down with cancer at least once in their lifetime. According to recent research, U.S. males born in 1960 have a lifetime cancer gamble of 53. 5 percentage. For or women it’s 47.5 percent. 5 Seventy percent of U.S. clean drinking water is now adulterated with Monsanto’s lethal herbicide, Roundup, 6 while 93 percentage of consumers now have finds of Monsanto’s poison( active part glyphosate) in our urine. 7

Today, 1 in 13 U.S. babes has serious food reactions; 6 to 24 percentage have serious intestinal difficulties; 20 percent are obese; 60 percent have chronic headaches and 20 percentage suffer from mental disorder and sadnes. One in every 41 boys and 1 in every 68 girls is now diagnosed with autism. 8

Deteriorating public health is not only a problem in the U.S. It’s likewise a global crisis. Of the noxious mixture of GMOs and compounds dropped into the environment or laced into food or other consumer products, 99 percentage or more have never been individually researched for their toxicity on swine or other living animals, much less in combination with other synthetic compounds, which is how most human beings and swine assimilate or come in contact with them. 9

As a decision, the staggering majority of us are disclosed every day to literally hundreds of different virus, whether we’re talking about our nutrient, ocean, aura, residence and work environment, medical dopes, or daily consumer products. As longtime Australian organic raise supervisor and pesticide professional Andrew Leu points out: 10

“Regulatory governments are rejecting a large organization of peer-reviewed discipline registering the mischief caused by pesticides and they are making decisions on data-free presumptions … A study by the U.S. Midsts for Disease Control attained a concoction of numerous poison compounds in the blood and urine of most Americans.”

Soil Degeneration

Genetically engineered( GE) cultivates, toxic agrichemicals, industrial monocultures and mill raises are steadily languishing not just our health and our breeze and liquid, but our grunges as well. Eroding, compaction, loss of nutrients and salinization are now widespread.

Healthy grunges, rich in carbon organic materials and microorganisms, and the flowers, trees, and animals that depend upon a carbon rich grunges, are the key to human health and nutrition. Our soils are the foundation for world-wide biodiversity. They are too the most important factor in maintaining a climate-stabilizing balance between the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere and oceans, and the amount of carbon in our clays and biota.

Soils also govern the flow of irrigate from rainfall or snowmelt, and filter or reduce poisonous pollutants, whether from industrial, agricultural or borough sources. GMOs and industrial merchandise harvests cannot develop without the big implementation of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

In happening, GMO seeds are explicitly designed and patented by organizations such as Monsanto in order to maximize sales of their proprietary pesticides such as Roundup. Unfortunately, spraying pesticides and dropping enormous amounts of chemical fertilizers on farmland kills the grime, eliminating clay organic interest and the microbes that give rise to soil birthrate and nutritious meat.

Under the impact of degenerative nutrient, agricultural and land-use practises, which include deforestation, ponderous plowing, monocropping( germinating the same cultivate every year) and the heavy employment of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, most agricultural clays have lost 30 to 75 percent of their original soil organic carbon. 11

Seventy-five billion tons of topsoil, with a market value of $400 billion are lost every year to gale and water corrosion, principally from raises and ranches implementing chemical-intensive, soil-degenerating raising approaches. 12

Before carbon-sequestering groves, mixed traditional cropping and grasslands were ruined by chemical-intensive and now GMO and factory-farmed industrial agriculture( and industrial forestry ), global clay organic matter generally comprised 6 to 10 percent of the clay work — three to six hours the 1 to 3 percent positions usual of today’s industrial agriculture clays.

In other utterances, taxpayer-subsidized, chemical-based industrial agriculture, factory farms and unrestricted grazing( together with industrial forestry) have turned the earth’s grunge( which continues to be contains three times as much carbon as the part sum of CO2 in the milieu) from has become a major climate-stabilizing carbon sink into a massive and dangerous beginning of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

Forty percent of the world’s agricultural grime is now classified as degraded or seriously degraded. That has meant that up to 70 percent of the topsoil is leave. 13

Unless soils are regenerated and forests and wetlands are regenerated, millions of small farmers and urban villagers will lose their livelihoods and be driven off the country. In the meantime, millions of metropolitan consumers will suffer the consequences thereof chewing nutrient-deficient, chemical- and GMO-contaminated menus.

Healthy soil is too a key factor in determining whether the world’s three billion farmers and urban villagers can make a living off the district, or whether they are forced to migrate to massive municipalities or foreign countries in search of a activity and a respectable guideline of living. According to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification: 14

“The Earth is the fundamental pillar of civilization … The corrosion of grunge, desertification and the shortage of irrigate make contributions to the stress and rupture of civilization. In this feel, the degradation of the grunge can be considered as a ‘threat amplifier, ‘ extremely because it gradually increases the capacity of parties to exercise the moor for the yield of menu, the procurement of irrigate and other vital ecosystem services.”

The eradication of soil carbon( and soil birthrate ), via degenerative farm, grazing and unwarranted land use, is ruffling given that the top 3 paws of the world’s grime hampers three times as much carbon as the part flavor. 15 This clears the grunge a major storehouse for carbon( together with groves and oceans) and therefore a major factor in maintaining climate stability.

Deforestation and damaging agricultural practices over the past 10,000 years have secreted 320 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels has liberated another 292 billion tons. 16 Over duration, this continuous loss of grunge carbon( and soil biodiversity and fertility) released into the atmosphere is not simply changed the environment, but has also altered the quality of our nutrients.

Today’s nonorganic foods have lost 25 to 75 percent of the essential points nutrients and trace minerals compared with 50 years ago.

As the gazette Scientific American points out, ” … fruits and vegetables proliferated decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today. The main villain in this perturbing nutritional direction is grunge reduction: Modern intense agricultural approaches have deprived increasing amounts of nutrients from the grunge in which the food we eat grows.”1 7

Massive grime deterioration has taken place in all the nations , not just the U.S. In a recent news report, 18 scientists point out that that the U.K. appears to be 30 to 40 years away from the “eradication of clay fertility.”

From Degeneration to Regeneration: Five Stairs

OK. Enough of the bad news. What do we do about all this? How do we move from degeneration to regeneration? How do we defeat Bayer/ Monsanto, Big Food and Big Pharma? How do we take back power of our health and our diets, cleaning process the environment, and join in the world-wide great efforts to reestablish a stable environment?

Fortunately, millions of us are already rebuffing GMOs, pesticides and factory farms, and adopting organic food and natural health the procedures and lifestyles. Now are some things all of us can do 😛 TAGEND

Stay informed and spread the message of organic, biodynamic and regenerative meat, agricultural and natural state among their own families, acquaintances and neighbours. Some of the most wonderful newsletters, websites, social media and sources of information include, and

Boycott GMOs, poison pesticides and factory-farmed meat, dairy and poultry — today and every day.

Buy organic, biodynamic, 100 percentage grass fed, pasture-raised and other regenerative menus and consumer products.

Get involved with other natural state partisans and regenerators in changing our policies at the regional, territory and national levels. Grow a grassroots citizen lobbyist with the Organic Purchaser Association or OCA’s grassroots lobbying appendage, the Citizens Regeneration Lobby.

Do a tax-deductible donation to the Organic Consumers Association or Regeneration International to reinforce our ongoing safaruss against Monsanto, GMOs and factory farms.