Both veganism and the ketogenic diet are polar extremes in comparison to the Standard American Diet. Veganism excludes the intake of all animals and animal concoctions. That makes no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, etc. I highly respect all vegans who fight for animal rights. Nonetheless, I have to admit that my ground for wanting to become vegan had nothing to do with the animals. Yes, I felt little guilty when I munch. Especially when I moved through Instagram and met all of those vigorous swine liberties posts from the vegan pages I followed. Nonetheless, animal rights is no more than secondary to my ultimate aim as a vegan; which was to be healthier. I, like many others out there, automatically assumed that being vegan intended being healthful and that merely wasn’t the subject for me. Now clearly there is a lot vegans out there who are thin and fit but there are also a lot of vegans out there who are overweight. This pole isn’t means to bash the vegan diet in any way, because for many beings veganism has had a positive impact on their lives.

So , now that I’ve questioned that renunciation, I will explain why I feel like the ketogenic diet is better for me. The ketogenic diet is quite the opposite from the vegan diet. In short, the keto diet is all about low-grade carbs, high fat, and moderate protein. Eating meat and dairy is most inspired on a ketogenic food. Healthy keto also includes lots of low-spirited carb veggies. My most important reason for feeling like the ketogenic diet is a better choice has less to do with what I snack and more to do with how my torso felt then( while snacking vegan) versus now. Let me ask, I subsisted veganism for six months by snacking lots of rice, beans, whole cereals, and of course fruits and hearty vegetables. These are staple foods for numerous vegans. While these nutrients are considered health, they are high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are sugars that the body breaks down, liberates into the bloodstream, and then their own bodies uses them for vigor. Energy is great but whenever I snack a diet full of carbohydrates, I never seem to be satisfied. The more I chew, the more I miss and the more heavines I gain. Furthermore, after all that vigor from the carbohydrate high wears off, I feel drowsy and sluggish. My head feels clouded and I have a hard time focusing. Thus, the sugar hurtle begins.

Now with keto, I do not have those issues. When I chew, I’m slaked and I don’t have to worry about feeling thirsty again until the next day. Yes, the next day. Of direction, I still gobble a few seconds meal to make sure I am getting all of my healthful nutrients for the day but I could eat one meals per day and be just fine. I am able to focus and I have loads of energy without the slam I use to get from feeing carbohydrates. I should also mention that I do the ketogenic diet in combination with occasional fasting. I will discuss what this is all about in a later post.

Like I said before, I am not here to bash the vegan diet. These are just my experiences. Both nutritions have many benefits and both can be done in a healthy style. There are other factors to consider when starting any diet including keto. If you have any health concerns, you are able to ask your doctor before starting the food. My advice to anyone who is on a healthful eating passage is to do your research completely.