My first opinion post will be my reasoning for being a proponent of the ketogenic diet and its many applications.

Defining the keto dietThe so-called keto diet is less of a set of limited food choices for food groups but rather an eating protocol that aims to create a state of ketosis within the body. This protocol will be different for everyone and can be applied in many ways.

The basic principal is to create a low carbohydrate environment in which the body primarily metabolises fat as the energy source for movement and internal bodily processes. The ratio of carbohydrates to dietary fat will differ from person to person but a good upper limit would be 150g of total dietary carbohydrate per day. See this post by Mark’s Daily Apple for further reading. Alternatively, you could set an upper %calorie limit of 5-10% with adequate protein and fats from healthy dietary sources.

Why ketosis?

There are many modern health complications from diabetes and heart disease to arthritis and Alzheimer’s that are now showing a causal relationship between metabolic inflexibility and chronic inflammation due to excessive carbohydrate exposure in the body. Carbohydrate dominant metabolism can lead to detrimental effects such as a rise in inflammation, due to oxidative stress. Furthermore, ketosis has a preferential utilisation of triglycerides in the blood as a fuel for cellular activity whereas carbohydrate dominant metabolism is linked to reductions in insulin sensitivity, which can lead to diabetic states in the body.

Metabolic FlexibilityWhen in ketosis for a duration of over 3 weeks (give or take), the body enters mitochondrial biogenisis. This means that the cells of the body now have an increased volume of mitochondria. These are the powerhouses of the cell responsible for aerobic/non-glycolidic energy production and the most effective phase of normal ATP synthesis in the cell. Fatty acid metabolism is entirely aerobic and so benefits from increased mitochondrial biogenisis for a higher rate of energy production. A healthy body should be capable of switching from primarily anaerobic glucose metabolism to primarily aerobic metabolism.

for further info:Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino