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A new randomized study out of China is trying to tell us fat is bad for our microbiome, and the headlines came spurting. U.S. News: High-pitched solid foods do no regards for your intestine bacteria NZ Herald: High-pitched solid diets suffer the useful faults within us Eurek Alert: High-pitched paunch diet linked to adverse changes in gut bacteria and inflammatory provokes Should we think it? No, not really. The study in question took 217 Chinese adults and randomized them into low-fat( 20% of calories ), moderate-fat( 30%) and high-fat( 40%) cohorts. Right apart, red flags should be sounding up in your brain. If the high-fat radical is merely feeing 40% of their calories from fatty, where are the rest of the calories coming from? 48% of the cohort’s calories came from carbohydrates. That hardly fits the criteria for a true “high-fat” diet. Haven’t we already learned that blended high-ish fatty and high-carb diets tend to have the worst health effects? Contributing fat to a plan overtaken with high-pitched insulin from…[ Read More …]

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