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This week, we summarize the five largest news articles and studies in the low-carb realm, plus some success stories.

Why can some people scarf down carbs and not gain weight? A new study, are presented in PLOS Genetics, suggests that “lucky” genes are part of the answer. But if genes load the gun, medium pulls the initiation, and for those working with the “unlucky” genes, other studies indicate that careful attention to diet often cures overcome genetics. An endocrinologist’s opinion part for CNBC predicts that perpetual blood glucose levels monitoring( CGM) will be common in a few years, even among people who do not have diabetes. He argues that the designs are improving, becoming more comfy and strong. At the same experience, scientists and users are realizing that CGM enables people to understand how specific meat impact their own blood sugar response, allowing for a highly personalized approach to health eating. Yet another large observational study, published in the…[ Read More …]

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Keto news highlights: Genes, CGM, and dairy fat’s vindication was originally affixed by Ketogenic Diet