If you cherish nutrition, health, and fitness — or you’re already a professional in one of these fields — “youre supposed to” get a LOT of diet- and nutrition-related questions from love, lineage, patients, and/ or cases.

That’s why we created this mislead sheet, with evidence-based, easy-to-understand answers to the most common questions, all of which are covered in our recently updated Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification program.


If you’re a state and fitness professional , without doubt you get a ton of diet- and nutrition-related questions.

Heck, even if you’re just really passionate about health and fitness, you’re probably going questions all the time.

Coming up with the answer can be difficult, because 😛 TAGEND

The right answer are dependent upon who the asker is. Young athlete? Middle-aged man? Sixty-something wife? Whether you’re actively instructing, or you just have a diverse social network, the issues to will feed the assortment.

There are so many facets of nutrition. Macronutrients, micronutrients, supplements, pesticides, GMOs … where do you start?

There’s a TON of distraction about nutrition “truths.” Is red wine saving your life, or killing you? What about red-faced flesh? Eggs? And how’ contest that brand-new plant-based diet?

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to any nutrition question.

However, if you build a strong foundation of nutrition acquaintance, you can 😛 TAGEND

learn how to accurately determine each person’s individual necessaries, understand how targeted nutrition can support their goals, and get the hell out of here reactions for them, confidently and reliably.

With such articles, you’ll start to build that groundwork.

Here we’ll sheathe 😛 TAGEND

what’s really behind the more common nutrition questions,

why each person’s unique physiology significances, how each person’s statu can help determine your response,

how to handle diet trends( Paleo, carb-phobia, etc .), and

how you are able to incorporate such knowledge … starting today.

Of direction, this” cheater membrane” is just a start. There’s so much more you can learn.

That’s why reserve the part first cell of our freshly revised Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification — 300 sheets, 8 sections, 8 thorough video lectures — to the most crucial elements of nutrition discipline.

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And, in case you’re wondering, the other 300 sheets, 9 periods, and 9 video lectures are devoted to the prowes of nutrition coaching.

That includes the most up-to-date determines in change psychology and the latest things we’ve learned having coached over 100,000 clients.


If you want to learn, we’re here to school.

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For now, let’s get started with some of the most common nutrition questions, including 😛 TAGEND

Question# 1: “I’m brand-new to this whole nutrition thing. Where do I start? ” Question# 2: “What’s the most wonderful diet to follow? ” Question# 3: “Is weighing calories important for weight loss? ” Question# 4: “Should I forestall carbs? ” Question# 5: “Should I eschew cereals? ” Question# 6: “What( and when) should I snack around my workouts? ” Question# 7: Should I booze less alcohol ?~ ATAGEND Question# 8: “Does the Paleo Diet live up to the hype? ” Question# 9: Should I do a detox or liquor purge ?~ ATAGEND Question #10: “Do sleep dress and stress truly affect nutrition? ” Question #11: How should I ingest to get six-pack abs? ”

Question# 1 “I’m brand-new to this whole nutrition thing. Where do I start? ” Answer: Let’s start by eliminating nutritional deficiencies.

This one is always interesting, because no one ever wants to believe they have nutritional deficiencies.

People might not want to hear it at first, but nutrition rookies don’t need a major food repair on day one. They don’t need to “go Paleo” or “eliminate sugar.”

As their coach-and-four, your first step should be to open newbie patrons’ attentions to the fact that they are likely have one or more nutritional flaws( seriously — more than 80 percent of the population has at least one ).

Until nutritional insufficiencies are removed, the body simply won’t function properly — and that making such a state or fitness objective a lot harder.

So, to eliminate dearths, your first order of business is to help the person find workable policies for rounding out the food, so they get 😛 TAGEND

a bit more protein, ample vitamins and minerals, sufficient health flabs, and more liquid.

Tell them that you’re going to help them fix optimal snacking garbs one step at a time. Then talk through some approaches: Find out which of the nutritional provinces listed above will be most challenging for them( for example, some of the amateurs we work with don’t know how to cook flesh ). That’s the problem you’re going to help them solve first.

Once nutritional shortcomings are addressed, you can start to focus on things like nutrient character and portions.

What to say when the person seems impatient? Interpret: “This process isn’t retard; it’s systematic. It concentrate on the things that are in your practice right now. Once they’re eliminated, progress happens fast.”


The 3 steps I school instructors and health managers to deposit any diet trouble .~ ATAGEND How to tied a ruined nutrition.[ Infographic ]~ ATAGEND What to do when you don’t like vegetables.[ Article+ infographic ]~ ATAGEND

Question# 2 “What’s the best nutrition to follow? ” Answer: There is no “best diet.”

As you emerge as a state, fitness, and nutrition expert, everyone’s going to want to know: Which dietary “camp” do you belong to?

The best instructs maintain a neutral statu on this. If you can, strive to be a nutritional agnostic: someone who doesn’t subscribe to any one dietary philosophy.

Why? All dietary protocols have their pros and cons. What works best for one person won’t work best for another. Likewise: A food that has worked best for someone in the past won’t undoubtedly be what works best for them moving forward.

Tell your buyer or patient that you’re going to help them find the approaching to ingesting that works best for them right now, whether it is a question Paleo or vegan, high-carb or low-carb, tighten fund or unlimited funds — or some harmonize of all of these.

The truth is, the human body is amazingly adaptable to a immense regalium of diets, so the best food is the one that 😛 TAGEND

pairs the person’s unique physiology, includes nutrients they enjoy enough to follow routinely, and is realistic for them in terms of life logistics and budget.

Indeed, you can start parties lean, strong, and healthy on a plant-based or a meat-based food. You can help improve their health with organic, free-range menus and with conventional nutrients. They can lose weight on a low meat budget or an inexhaustible one.

It just takes a little know-how and a arrangement for using the most wonderful traditions across all diets.


Paleo, vegan, sporadic fasting: Here’s how to choice the most wonderful diet for you .~ ATAGEND

Question# 3 “Is weighing calories important for weight loss? ” Answer: For countless beings, calorie counting is perhaps more of a hassle than it’s worth. The good word: There is a better route.

Weight management is a simple equation: Eat more than you burn, and you gain weight. Eat less and you lose weight.

But the physiology behind “calories in, calories out” is actually far more complex and dynamic than most people recognize. Plus, it’s imprecise; we estimate that there’s typically a mistake of up to 25 percentage on the’ calories in’ side, and on the’ calories out’ side.

Beyond that, weighing calories is an external organisation( outside of your person ). In centre, people who count calories are less likely to see lasting answers because they’re outsourcing appetite awareness to the food-label deities. To certainly prevail at component hold, coach your buyers or cases on chanting into their internal starvation signals.

For these reasons, and more, we tell our purchasers that for most people, counting calories is a lot of work for very few benefit.

( Interestingly, most consumers grow elated when they recognise they can get the body metamorphosi they want without ever counting calories again .)

Instead of calorie counting, we recommend a hand-measure system for parcel widths. Here how it succeeds 😛 TAGEND

Your palm defines your protein segments. Your fist specifies your veggie fractions. Your cupped entrust defines your carb portions. Your thumb specifies your overweight sections.

This system counts your calories for you, and gets your macronutrients lined up too, without “ve had to” do any irking food-label math.

Plus, your hands are portable — they start wherever you go, fixing portion-sizing very convenient. In additive, your hands are generally scaled to your immensity — “the worlds biggest” you are, the bigger your hands, so the more menu you need and the more menu you get.

Clients normally get the hang of this system within a few weeks of learning it; then we help them monitor the outcome and nip as needed.


Forget calorie counting: Try this calorie ascendancy guide for men and women[ Article+ infographic ].~ ATAGEND Can munching too little actually damage your metabolism ?~ ATAGEND The surprising trouble with calorie counting. Part 1:’ Calories in ‘ and Part 2:’ Calories out ‘[ Infographics] All about chewing gradually( for appetite awareness ).~ ATAGEND

Question# 4 “Should I evade carbs? ” Answer: No; but let’s make sure you’re getting the right kind of carbs.

Ask almost anyone what they need to do to lose a few pounds, and they’ll perhaps say: “Cut back on carbs.” As health professionals in a health/ fitness field, you’ve likely heard it dozens of times.

However, most kinfolks would do best ingesting a moderate sum of quality carbs–whole cereals( when abode ), return, potatoes, sweetened potatoes, nuts and legumes, etc.( We highlight moderate, of course ).

For men, this usually represents about 1-2 cupped fews per meal. And girls, about 1 cupped few per meal.

Of course, the needs of each individual are different, based on their size, ” activities, objectives, and genetics.

But, bottom line, carbs are not inherently fattening, peculiarly entire food beginnings. And coming adequate carbs can help most consumers practise harder and reclaim better, optimizing progress.

Yep, this is a controversial position to take. But it drives. And while avoiding carbs may facilitate rapid weight loss initially, we’ve found that it’s not practical( or required) for long-term success for most people.


Carb controversy: Why low-carb diets have got it all wrong .~ ATAGEND The ketogenic food: Does it live up to the hype ?~ ATAGEND

Question# 5 “Should I forestall particles? ” Answer: No; most people trying to stay lean do best with a acceptable amount of whole grains.

Grain discussions are certainly trendy right now, as many people have suggested they’re dietary antagonist# 1 and should be completely eliminated. This is hot news as, simply 10 years ago, they were supposedly one of the healthiest meat on the planet.

From our perspective, grains aren’t as evil as they’ve been made out to be by the Paleo and Whole3 0 tents. At the same duration, they aren’t the superfood vegans and macrobiotic eaters advocate either.

Bottom line: While you don’t need to eat particles, unless you have celiac cancer or a FODMAP intolerance, there is absolutely no need to avoid them.( And even in those two scenarios, it’s only specific specks you need to worry about ).

Most people follow a better, more health-promoting diet if they’re allowed grains in reasonable sums, together with a wide display of other non-grain carb generators like outcome, potatoes, sugary potatoes, beans, lentils, etc.

Remember, it’s the ability to follow a diet consistently over hour that provides the greatest reactions, regardless of what that food is. And unless you’re intolerant, there’s no good reason to totally omit certain menus, especially meat you enjoy.


Settling the great grain debate: Can wheat and other specks fit into a healthy–and sane–diet ?~ ATAGEND

Question# 6: “What( and when) should I devour around my workouts? ” Answer: It depends on your goals. Let’s talk about those … then we can come up with specific recommendations for you.

If you develop competitors, this is a really common question. But lots of non-athletes are curious too.

Contrary to popular media, most folks are best served by ingesting good quality whole meat in reasonable amounts, without having to focus on specific workout nutrition commodities or protocols.

So you can advise non-athlete grade clients to eat a normal, matched meal 1-2 hours before and after rehearsal. This will provide adequate protein and carbs to both fuel the exercising and maximize recovery/ adaption.

However, if you coach advanced, hard-training patrons or contestants, tell them you’re going to help with their unique workout-nutrition needs.

Endurance jocks, bodybuilders, or those looking to maximize muscle increase could lend a protein and carbohydrate boozing during their workout. We generally recommend about 15 g of protein and 30 -4 5 g of carbohydrate per hour of exercise.

Physique entrants, as well as people trying to maximize overweight loss, could lend critical amino acids( or forked chain amino battery-acids) during their workout. We frequently recommend 5-15 g of EAA( or BCAA) per hour of exercise.

In the end, rather than having one capital react here, you need to be clear about who you’re working with.


Best workout nutrition policies: A useful leader for what to eat before, during, and after effort .~ ATAGEND Workout nutrition represented.[ Infographic ]~ ATAGEND

Question# 7 Should I drink less alcohol? Answer: If optimal state and fitness is your priority, consider reevaluating your imbibe wonts.

People may balk at that react initially, but once you lay out the facts and make it clear that you’re not telling them not to booze, their ears will open.

There’s a lot of distraction of determining whether booze is good for you or not. That’s mainly because the news media likes to play up new studies divulging the possible cardiovascular benefits of alcohol.

But the truth is , no one truly knows who will benefit from daybreak to moderate booze uptake. Meanwhile, different levels of boozing( even “moderate”) comes with health risks that should be considered.

Heavy drinking — more than 7 alcohols a week for women and more than 14 per week for men — increases the likelihood for a long list of health problems involving the heart, ability, immunity, hormones, liver, and metabolism.

But even light to moderate boozing can affect sleep, stomach, and decision making — which utterly can have a negative impact on your buyers’ state and fitness goals.

Still, drinking is an obvious part of culture, and when enjoyed reasonably it is possible delicious and fun.

Tell your consumers or cases that you’re going to help them sort out the key priorities to define the best position of imbibe for them. Then encourage them to track their boozing practices — and how their drinking garbs do them feel physically and mentally — for a couple weeks.

Most alcoholics spend much more alcohol than they thoughts, and when they stop to estimate, many decide on their own that it would feel better to cut back.


Would I be healthier if I quit sucking? My quest to understand the real trade-offs of booze consumption .~ ATAGEND

Question# 8 “Does the Paleo Diet live up to the hype? ” Answer: Mostly, yes. But not for the reasons you think.

The Paleo Diet is one of the most popular nutrition approachings in the nations of the world right now. There’s no doubt that it works for many parties. However, the reason it labor has little to do with the storey the Paleo defenders tell( evolutionary change, rednes, etc .).

Here’s the administer. Paleo does work for a lot of beings because it accentuates mainly whole-food the resources of lean protein, veggies, returns, and healthy fats.

However, while Paleo is starting to incorporate more high-quality carbs, grass-fed dairy, red wine, and interesting thing that used to be “off limits” — the diet can still be too restrictive for some folks.

In the end, Paleo likely gets more right than inaccurate. And if people want to follow it, you can help them do it in a sane, rational, sustainable manner.

But for most, it’s unnecessary to follow such a strict dietary dogma. You can take the very best from the Paleo approach and get rid of the goofy dogma.


The Paleo problem: Examining the pros and cons of the Paleo diet .~ ATAGEND

Question# 9 Should I do a detox or juice cleanse? Answer: Perhaps not; most well known detox diets don’t remove toxins or lead to solid loss.

Lots of beings are worried about the impact of modern life factors including poverty-stricken nutrition, sleep distres, stress, and environmental pollutants on their health.

So you probably get a fair number of questions about detox diets and liquor cleanses, which have come into fad as an effective lane to( supposedly) lose weight and rid their own bodies of impurities.

But detox diets don’t clean out toxins or help you lose body solid. In knowledge, detox nutritions can work against these goals by bypassing the body’s natural detoxification systems and creating a feast-or-famine repetition of eating.

Among many problems, detoxes and purges often 😛 TAGEND

are protein defective, are extremely low in exertion, cause undesirable blood-sugar wavers, cause GI tract dysfunction, and lead to a yoyo of restrictive eating and overcompensation.

If doing a liquid purify or detox diet helps a person get ready to spawn farther helpful and sustainable changes in their life, OK. Just instructed them through a cautious and monitored protocol.

However, we elevate be used to help improve life-long skills and incorporate daily rules to improve their health, concert, and person composition without extreme( and unsustainable) things like detoxes and cleanses.


Are detox nutritions good for you? How a 3-day liquor purge territory this dietitian in the ER .~ ATAGEND

Question #10 “Do sleep dress and stress genuinely affect nutrition? ” Answer: Yes, but those impressions motley from person to party, as do the best sleep and stress management programmes.

Sleep is just as important as nutrition and workout when it comes to improving your health, carry-on, and figure composition.

Clients and cases should be instructed through 😛 TAGEND

creating a sleep routine, including having a regular planned, limiting alcohol and caffeine, especially in the afternoon/ evening, choosing de-stressing tasks before berth, established a suitable office temperature for sleep, stimulate the office gloom, maintain the chamber quietly, and waking up appropriately, with light-colored showing and soft racket.

As for stress, it’s all about noticing the sweet recognize. More much stress, or the bad manner, can harm our state. Yet stress can also be a positive force in “peoples lives”, saving us focused, alerting, and at the top of our game.

It all depends on what kind of stress it is, how prepared we are to meet it — and how we contemplate it.

Since stress affects the thought, torso, and action in many ways, everyone knowledge stress differently. Each of us has a unique “recovery zone, ” whether that’s physical or psychological, and our improvement zone depends on several factors.

It is key to teach beings programmes and skills to contemplate and administer their own stress consignment appropriately. The following can increase stress forbearance or diminish stress consignment 😛 TAGEND

musing or yoga outdoor day huddles a domesticated listening to unwinding music late breathing drinking dark-green tea


Hacking sleep: Engineering a high quality, restful nighttime[ Article+ infographic ]~ ATAGEND Good stress, bad stress: Knowing your sugared recognise.[ Article+ infographic ]~ ATAGEND

Question #11 How should I munch to get six-pack abs? ” Answer: First let’s be considered whether a six pack is worth the trade-offs.

To answer this one, you two are have to know if six-pack abs are really what your patient requires.( And if they’re prepared to do what it makes .)

Getting ripped abs is a still bigger embarking than most people realize. There are definite an advantage to getting that lean (< 10 percent for most men, and< 20 percent for most women ), but there are real trade-offs too.

Alcohol, processed foods, and desserts all need to be severely limited if you’re trying to lose fat and show off a washboard stomach. Social situations often become difficult. Other interests and diversions may need to decrease.

However, if patrons actually want to get a six-pack in the healthiest possible path, they’ll need to follow these principles 90 -9 five per cent of the time 😛 TAGEND

dine protein and vegetables at every dinner, include healthful fats at most snacks, eat a small amount of carbs post-workout simply, limit carbs at all other meals, exercise deeply 4-5 times per week, and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

Armed with this information, you can have an honest speech about whether your patrons crave the six-pack poorly fairly.( Or if they’d settle for reasonably lean and healthy without giving up some of the second thing they enjoy ).


The cost of going lean: Is it really worth the trade-off ?~ ATAGEND Here’s the cost of coming lean.[ Infographic ]~ ATAGEND


In the end, yes, it’ll take some time to lord these reactions on the move with a wide variety of beings, but the only room to get started is to dive right in.

Remember: While you’re expected to know all the answers, you can’t be expected to know everything about every single person.

So use the answers in this cheat expanse as a starting point( I recommend that you do the deeper learn first ), and then learn more with strategic questions about their particular needs and goals.

In the end, being the go-to instruct for nutrition questions is about — yes — knowing the facts. But it’s also about gather parties where they’re at and garnering know while you build the outing together.

If you’re a coach, or you want to be …

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