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15 Plant-Based Recipes to Keep Your Skin Hydrated!

We put together 15 delicious recipes from our Food Monster App that will help keep your skin hydrated! The post 15 Plant-Based Recipes to Keep Your Skin Hydrated…

Dairy Farmer Admits Most Arguments Against Veganism Are ‘Nonsense’

He said it’s ‘time for the agricultural community to get their premier around veganism’ as customer appreciations change and customers opt for more plant-based alternative concoctions

Masterchef Presenter Gregg Wallace Impressed By Vegan Meat On BBC’s Supermarket Secrets

The first escapade of the new line looks at how ‘technology is transforming the practice we shop for food’ and the ways plant-based snacks are ‘designed to taste…

Companion Planting With Herbs

Learn about comrade seeding with herbs! The classic illustration is that basil grows well with tomatoes, but there are many more enormous combinations. Herbs are also great comrades…


The peony is outrageously beautiful in bloom from springtime to summer–with lush foliage all summer long. Here’s how to grow peonies and get the best peony heydays in…

‘We Have No Data To Show We Need Animal Products’ Says Plant-Based Doctor

Physician Dr. Danielle Belardo is a Cardiology Fellow, and American Board of Internal Medicine, Board Certified Physician, who advocates for plant-based nutrition to prevent and reverse myocardial infarction

Taste of summer? IKEA serves up plant-based ice cream

Swedish furniture whale goes out strawberry aroma vegan soft-serve

Sainsbury’s Expands Vegan Range With Pre-Prepared Jackfruit

The retail monster volunteers a broad range of menus that are suitable for those following a plant-based food. Now it has added jackfruit – predicted to be a…

Tesco To Sell Vegan Foods In Meat Aisle – To ‘Promote Sustainability’

The major UK retailer misses beings to make choices the hell is healthier for them and the planet, so it is encouraging them to ‘enjoy a food of…

Papa John’s Pizza Expands Vegan Options With Cheesy Wedges

Following the success of its vegan pizzas, the fast-food being has added more plant-based furnishes to its menu

Plant Based News Honored With Award At London Event

The Compassionate Business Award was presented by PETA Founder and President Ingrid Newkirk in recognition of PBN creating a ‘global news platform’ to speak about vegan living

Lentil Tacos

These vegan lentil tacos is fraught with plant-based protein and easy to assemble. Surpass them with salsa or add your favorite taco tops.

Global Meat News To Host Vegan Protein Conference As Consumer Tastes Change

The pro-meat brochure is hosting the one-day occurrence which it describes as a ‘global pulpit be informed about plant-based proteins from different international markets’

Is Plant-Based Vegan Fish on the Menu?

We are all aware of plant-based meat and sausage for the increasing quantities of non meat ingesting vegans out there, but vegan faux fish is a originating sell…

8 Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics to Replace Wool – Without Plastic

Inventions in textile growing entail it’s becoming much simpler to ditch animal-derived materials and opt eco-friendly plant-derived alternatives instead

Vegan Butter Made From Aquafaba Launches Nationwide In US

It claims to be the first plant-based concoction that ‘tastes and cooks just like butter’

Canadian Vegan Food Producer Ordered To Ditch The Word ‘Cheese’

A UK vegan cheese shop is having a same event – with a pro-dairy making involving it stops calling its makes ‘plant-based cheese’ – or face action at…

Benefits of Growing Blackberries

Table of Contents How to Germinate Healthy Blackberries Tame the Wild Blackberry Cultivated Blackberries Anthocyanins Health Benefits High Fructose Content Blackberry Recipes Blackberries have a characteristic darknes color…

New York Passes ‘Landmark’ Bill To Offer Plant-Based Options In Hospitals

The bill will now move to the New York State Senate, where, if extended, becomes NY State Law

30 Meals for $30 in 60 Minutes || Vegan Meal Prep || Steph and Adam

Check out how easy it is to construct TONS of snacks on a budget in precisely an hour! And if YOU are looking for a surefire acces to…

Health Pioneer Credited Plant-Based Diet With Curing Her Cancer

After recovering from stagecoach 4 colon cancer, Ann Wigmore went on to felt The Hippocrates Health Institute, which has now been learning a ‘cutting-edge’ plant-based diet curriculum for…

‘The Evidence For A Plant-Based Diet Is Overwhelming’, Says Doctor

Dr. Gemma Newman advocates for a plant-based diet – saying that there is a tremendous sum medical literature dating back to the 1920 s, which shows how positive…

Europe’s First Conference On Vegan Protein And Clean Meat Launches Next Month

The occasion aims to improve positive media attention and public awareness around plant-based proteins and cell-based proteins

We Bought A House! || Steph and Adam

Hey chaps! We bought a house! We’ve been dying to tell you! Were in favour of Steph and Adam( Formerly – Fit Couple Cooks ): http :// www.youtube.com/…

Top Plant-Based Physician Dr. Neal Barnard Demonstrates Against McDonald’s Bacon Hour

The health counselor-at-law was to participate in his colleagues from the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine. They urged clients of the possibilities posed by gobbling bacon

Plant-Based Business Creates Vegan Scotch Creme Egg For Easter

The makes of the ‘Eggstraveganza’ say the treat is ‘the vegan answer to the favourite Cadburys Creme Egg Scotch Egg trend’

Waitrose Launches 14 New Vegan Products Including ‘MLT’ Sandwich

The high-end retailer has been expanding its animal-free offering in recent times, as consumers opt for more plant-based banquets and snacks

Vegan Brand Oumph! To Launch At Lidl Stores In Sweden

The award-winning plant-based ‘meat’ company has plans to expand its dispensation in Sweden and Europe

Global Food Giant Nestlé To Sell Off Lunch-Meat Brand As Vegan Demand Skyrockets

The Swiss-conglomerate is situating the company towards ‘future areas such as plant-based offerings’

The Good Food Institute Has Released A Scorecard of Plant-Based Entrées In The US

Following the skyrocketing ask, vegan entries have realized their way on to 11% of US menus, moving plant-based meat one of the fastest growing segments in the foodservice