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Vegan Campaign Donates $100,000 To Hurricane Survivors

The donation was make use of Million Dollar Vegan – the initiative which offered Pope France$ 1 million if “hes been gone” vegan for Lent

Sanders vows to cut prescription drug prices by half

The self-described Democratic progressive and 2020 presidential applicant did not summarize a concrete plan to achieve his latest safarus obligation

Chinese Food Giant Panda Express To Launch Vegan Dishes In Its 2,000 Outlets

The companionship will be clearing vegan options available following a campaign by advocacy Animal Outreach. From the end of this week, two dishes will be free-from animal makes

Eat Them To Defeat Them: A Campaign To Get Kids Eating Veg

Veg Power and ITV have joined personnels, creating an ad campaign to improve the nation’s health and tackle the issue of childhood obesity

Piers Morgan Will Donate $1 Million ‘If All Vegans Shut-Up’

The outspoken TV host impelled specific comments in response to a brand-new safarus which offered$ 1 million to a philanthropy of the pope’s hand-picked if he goes vegan…