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North Sea Oil Rigs Urged To Go Vegan Ahead Of Earth Day

Animal rights philanthropy PETA has written to Shell asking it to offset its environmental damage – by dishing eco-friendly, animal-free snacks to its workers

Former Vegan Tim Shieff: ‘The Next Step Is To Kill An Animal Myself’

The competitor, who recently discovered he has trenched his vegan diet following health controversies, says killing an animal feels like ‘the next stage’

Little Girl Falls In Love With Her Uncle’s Horses And Shows Mom Their Adorable Morning Routine

You’re about to meet a newborn girlfriend who already formed a impressive the purposes of the animals in her life. Her uncle lives on a raise in Victoria,…

Number Of Vegans Skyrockets To 90% Of US Population

More and more people are opting to ditch animal products – leading to a major jump in the number of vegans over a short period of time

H&M Launches Collection Made With Vegan Pineappple Leather and Orange Silk

Inventive vegan substances are going mainstream, as a fashion monster makes new fabrics built to be sustainable and animal free to the British high-pitched street

Earthling Ed’s TEDx Talk On Veganism Is Now Available To Watch Online

The organizer, and co-founder of animal freedoms company Surge, delivered the pronunciation earlier this year

Where’s The High Welfare Fish?

Whether raised or caught wilderness, consuming fish involves animal suffering and ecological shattering. What is the best route for individuals to cure fish?

Disneyland Launches ‘Plant Based Cuisine’ Pamphlet For Its Guests

The ‘Magic Kingdom’ offers a range of animal-free recipes including vegan Haphazard Joe, Hot dog, and a ‘Southwest Cheeseburger’

Pizza Express Expands Vegan Menu With New Starter And Main

The high-pitched street order, which has been expanding its animal-free offerings in recent times, had already been lent two more bowls to its menu, both including houmous

Heinz Beans Launches Vegan Pizza

The pizza was first discontinued in the early 2000 s. Now it has been brought back in a very limited publication from Deliveroo – and this time there…

#YouBetTheyDie: Grand National’s Kill Count Sparks Outrage

Animal-rights syndicate, PETA, said ‘horse scooting is a stain on the UK’s reputation as service animals loving nation’

‘I Am Vegan For Life’ Says Moby As ‘Confused Influencers’ Leave Movement

The iconic musician has been a enthusiastic counselor for animal rights for more than three decades – and he “says hes” will never do anything that would contribute…

Masterchef Goes Vegan For Episode: Guest Judge Says It Is ‘Future Of Food’

Last night’s chapter of the UK version of the show peculiarity vegan cook Alexis Gauthier who says he trenched animal produces when he had a midlife crisis

Vegan Activist James Aspey Praises PBN On Logan Paul Podcast

The high profile swine preach, who is currently running for Australian Parliament, was recently a patron on Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast where he spoke about the digest and ecological…

‘Veganism Is Going To Get Bigger In 2019’ Says Expert

More and more parties are trenching animal products for ethical and other reasons – and it is becoming easier than ever before to do so

8 Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics to Replace Wool – Without Plastic

Inventions in textile growing entail it’s becoming much simpler to ditch animal-derived materials and opt eco-friendly plant-derived alternatives instead

Chinese Food Giant Panda Express To Launch Vegan Dishes In Its 2,000 Outlets

The companionship will be clearing vegan options available following a campaign by advocacy Animal Outreach. From the end of this week, two dishes will be free-from animal makes

Vegan Haircare Brand Noughty Awarded Cruelty-Free Accreditation

The label says the Leaping Bunny logo is the ‘best guarantee that a company is genuinely committed to doing everything it can to remove animal testing from its…

Australia Passes Bill To Ban Animal Testing For Cosmetics

The Industrial Chemicals Bills 2017, which has been passed by the Australian Senate, includes measures which would effectively prohibit trust on brand-new swine test data for substances used…

‘Vegan Diets Don’t Prevent Ejaculation,’ Says Expert After Tim Shieff’s ‘Wet Dream’ Video

Former vegan Tim Shieff has uncovered he had a ‘wet dream’ after dining salmon, but one nutrition scribe says it’s unlikely there’s a connection between interjection and animal…

‘91% Of Brits Adopting Flexitarian Diets’ – Making Vegan Food Sales Surge

UK supermarket Sainsbury’s has revealed that more and more of its customers are searching for – and buying – animal-free produces as eating practices change

Manchester United Footballer, Chris Smalling, Has Gone Vegan

The 29 -year-old defender discloses why he made the decision to quit animal concoctions and the benefits he has find since

‘The Evidence For A Plant-Based Diet Is Overwhelming’, Says Doctor

Dr. Gemma Newman advocates for a plant-based diet – saying that there is a tremendous sum medical literature dating back to the 1920 s, which shows how positive…

From Proud Fast Food Manager To Vegan Activist: The Power Of Investigations

Checking photos from an spy investigation evidenced one fast food kitchen overseer that animal raising was not the industry she thought it was

Beyond Veganuary: How To Continue Your Vegan Journey

It can take time and effort to implement brand-new garbs – but it is worth pushing through. A vegan lifestyle has gigantic positive impacts on swine bear and…

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll To Launch In All 1,950 Shops: Date Announced

The high-pitched street bakery bond said there has been high-pitched customer demand for the animal-free alternative to its flagship make

Vegan Orders From Uber Eats Skyrocket By 23% In January

The online food ordering and delivery pulpit feels the increase ties in with Veganuary – which has learnt around 250,000 people pledge to trench animal concoctions for a…

‘Going Vegan Is One Of The Best Things I’ve Ever Done’ Says Ne-Yo

The singer-songwriter discovers potential benefits he has envisioned since cutting out swine products from his diet

Ecotricity Becomes The First Vegan Energy Company In The UK

Some of Britain’s biggest vigor corporations are applying animal by-products to generate superpower, expending fertilizer, poultry debris, and swine slurry

Animal Farmers Turned Vegan To Speak At Major Food Conference

The Grow Green conference which will take place in April in London will address the growth of post-Brexit plant agriculture as well as look at how pastoral farmers…