Cookie dough ice cream reminds me of childhood. I dine A Mint of ice cream when I was a little girl. Health food was not part of my vocabulary. I imply, was it part of anyone’s vocabulary in the 90s? If it was for you then you two are a founder of your time. Me…not so much better. I STUFFED my face with sugar. Peculiarly at those ice cream patronizes where they draw the ice cream in front of you on one of those marble slabs. You would pick your ice cream, then supplemented your cooks like COOKIE DOUGH, and they would crush it all together until it become this ever-so-slightly melted chunky sparkler paste mess. It was magical. I reflect I have a lady boner really “ve been thinking about” it.

Did I actually am saying lady boner?

PaleOMG Cookie Dough Ice Cream

What I’m trying to get at but continue to get confused by with judges of cookie dough and female boners is the fact that we shouldn’t have to give up cookie dough ice cream now that “we ii” more health conscious. Sure, sugar is bad for you and we need to far removed from it the majority of cases, but “peoples lives” calls for a bit celebration sometimes. Peculiarly a celebration that includes cookie dough that is grain-free and smacks like mystical unicorns. And now that we are at last have time temps( well , not us…it snowed in Denver last-place night ), ice cream is now a daily life staple. That’s how summertime designs, right? You get a warm day and you snacked your bodyweight in ice cream? That’s how “peoples lives” succeeds, at least.

PaleOMG Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Speaking of supernatural unicorns, I leave for France soon !! Two more days! Are there magical unicorns in France? When it comes to magical desserts, tarts and anything else the French compile to eat, yes, yes there are supernatural unicorns there. I’ve fucking really trying to stay away from booze and sugar at home, but since pastries and wine are a way of life in Europe( from what I’ve been told since I’ve never been !!), I’m going to have to throw those goals out the window for a few weeks and hug the lifestyle. I even messed up my flights so I’ll be there a epoch early and embracing the carbohydrate an additional 24 hours. I’m riled with myself for screwing up my flights. That’s something my husband would do…and has already done twice before…but not me. I’m suppose to have my sh* t together. I guess you precisely start to lose it at senility 31. My youth has left me.

PaleOMG Cookie Dough Ice Cream

We also really booked a errand to Key West this month !! I should really look back over those flight details. One of my best friend use to live there and now lives not far from there so we are taking a little outing to visit him and call the atlantic provinces. Since my husband is currently unemployed and experiencing his time for formerly in his life, we are trying to fit in as numerous acquaintance visits as possible before he gets a new job. I kind of wish he could stay unemployed forever. He’s so damn recreation right now! Anywho, you guys “ve given me” lots of French pastry recommendations the other day on the blog…now I need Key West eatery recommendations! And South Beach Miami restaurant recommendations. If you could just plan my itinerary, that would be greeeeeat. And double check my flights.

PaleOMG Cookie Dough Ice Cream

The only thing that sucks about traveling so much this month is the facts of the case that I don’t get to snuggle with my puppy every morning. Or snack cookie dough ice cream while in my pajamas watching bouts of The Office for the 1600 th term. How does that establish never get old? I guess it’s just like ice cream – “youve never” “losing ones” smack for it. And if you do, you’re dead to me. Now excuse me, I have a suitcase to replenish and a child panic attack to have. Traveling is stressful.

PaleOMG Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Print shopping list

Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 10 instants Total Time 50 times

Fruit 2 jars

Parts For the ice cream base

2( 14 -ounce) cans of full-fat coconut milk

3/4 cup maple carbohydrate

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste (optional) For the cookie dough

1/2 goblet softened coconut petroleum or ghee or grass-fed butter 1/2 bowl maple carbohydrate

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3/4 bowl cassava flour

pinch of salt 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips


Place coconut milk, maple sugar, vanilla extract and vanilla bean glue in a saucepan over medium hot. Cook for 8-10 minutes to reduce and thicken somewhat. Remove from heat and pour into a shallow food then place into the freezer to cool for 10-15 minutes, until totally cooled. While the ice cream cools, move the cookie dough – Use a side mixer or stand mixer to cream together softened coconut petroleum (< a> ghee or butter ), carbohydrate and vanilla extract until combined. Slowly contributed the cassava flour while the mixer is running until all of the flour is combined. Then fold in salt and chocolate chips. Locate a piece of parchment paper down on the counter and scoop the dough into a ball, neighbourhood another segment of parchment paper down on top then use a rolled rod to roll out the cookie dough into one flat sheet, about 1/2 inch dense. Place in the fridge to cool for 10 minutes then use a sharp knife to cut the membrane into small pieces – I trimmed sheet into 6 divests then another 6 rows trimming in the opposite direction to create 24 squares. Pour the cooled ice cream mixture into ice cream maker and accept directions for that specific ice cream maker. Once mixture has churned and coagulated, add then cookie dough portions, leaving a few cases pieces behind for topping. Ingest as soft act straight from the ice cream maker OR pour soft dish ice cream into a bread wash and situate in the freezer to thicken for 2-3 hours. Be obtained from freezer about 20 minutes before helping, then scoop and provide!

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PaleOMG Cookie Dough Ice Cream

PaleOMG Cookie Dough Ice Cream


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