Hello everyone! I’ve decided my magnitude and I are taking a break for the month of March. I’m at a region where I rely my process and I rely myself. I do OMAD 7 days a week with CICO calorie counting. Some epoches I’m low-pitched carb and some days I’m most definitely not low-toned carb.

Between this and my previous practices of emptying eating and works out, I’ve lost 100 lbs in three years. I had gained 40 lbs back after some life anxieties and losing switch, but I have lost that and then some with OMAD since September.

OMAD works for me.

But now I want to tone up. I want to get back the forte that I lost. So I’m starting to made the gym again. But the new exercise, post-workout “weight gain” has a eerie mental outcome on me. It stimulates it hard to want to go back even if they are I know it’s spray retention due to sorenes. So I’m obstructing the scale for a month. I want to tone up and slim down without obsessing over the numbers on the scale.

I’m currently at my lowest value since I was a teenager so I’m proud of the undertaking I’ve done. Now I need to move forward and get back to hoisting ponderous things so I can be healthful and strong!

No Scale March starts today !!!

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