Whether you call it sizzling cereal or porridge, the concept is the same–it’s hot, it’s creamy, it’s delicious, and it replenishes you up in the morning. So try this paleo hot cereal recipes with no particles or dairy!

There's nothing I love more than cuddling up to a bowl of hot cereal on a cold morning. Enjoy these hot cereal recipes for a great day guaranteed!

One Bowl Grain-Free Hot Cereal

One Bowl Grain-Free Hot Cereal( Gluten Free Palate)

3-Minute Coconut-Almond Porridge

3-Minute Coconut-Almond Porridge( Wicked Good Kitchen)

Paleo Cream of Wheat-Style Porridge

Paleo Cream of Wheat-Style Porridge( An Edible Mosaic)

Cinnamon Raisin NOatmeal

Cinnamon Raisin N’Oatmeal( My Heart Beets)

Blueberry Cream of Almond

Blueberry Cream of Almond( Yuri Elkaim)

Apple Cinnamon Warm Cereal Apple and cinnamon, of course, are best friends. But what if I told you there was a super secret ingredient in this porridge that you’ve maybe never had for breakfast before? It’s cauliflower! The cauliflower in this recipe originates a composition that’s similar to oatmeal, and super healthy.

Low Carb Almond Porridge With Berries This creamy and luscious sizzling cereal is transcended with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, and it’s full of protein from the egg cooked into the almond flour. Butter, ghee, or coconut lubricant computes health fatty, coconut milk obliges it extra milky, and you can use any paleo sweetener you like.

Simple Hemp Seed Porridge If you’re looking for a super hearty hot cereal that’s full of nutrients, Omega 3 fatty acids, and healthy flabs, try this hemp seed porridge exploiting chia grains, flax seed meal, and irrigate or your favorite milk. A little maple syrup honeys it, while cinnamon and vanilla play with the wacky flavors.

Spiced Apple Porridge This hot cereal enriched in protein and flavor, and has a texture that’s same to traditional ointment of wheat or paste of rice sizzling cereals. You’ll need cashew, almonds, walnuts, applesauce, cinnamon, cloves, coconut milk, chopped apples, and some optional maple syrup.

Paleo Instant Oatmeal Mix Obviously since it’s paleo, this mingle doesn’t really have oatmeal in it. But it’s a great substitute for instant oatmeal for those of us who like red-hot cereals in the mornings but don’t have a lot of time to do them from scratch. All you need is almond flour, shredded coconut, cinnamon, and sea salt.

Paleo Porrdige With Caramelized Bananas Bananas are one of my favorite returns, and they almost always find their way into my breakfast. Caramelizing them is an amazing road to get a little additional sweetness in there. This cereal has a base of pecans, cashews, coconut milk, and dates. Super yummy!

Grain Free Hemp Heart Porridge I’ve experienced this recipe a few times over the past few months, and it’s very easy to obligate. You’ll need hemp centres , non-dairy milk of selection, flax and chia seeds, cinnamon, stevia, vanilla, cinnamon, and subdued almonds. Feel free to top it however you like!

Creamy Macadamia, Apple, and Cinnamon Porridge Macadamias are a creamy nut to start with, and when you lend applesauce, almond milk, sugar or maple syrup, and sticky baked figs, you end up with a red-hot cereal that’s about as peaches-and-cream as it gets and can be topped with nuts, berries, dehydrated return, sugar, or maple syrup.

Cauli-coconut Porridge This cauliflower and coconut porridge doesn’t savour like a vegetable, but like a sweetened, coconut red-hot cereal you are able experience for daylights. You’ll want to add cinnamon, vanilla, or both, and exceed it with berries, sugar free jam-packs, or other homemade and delicious toppings.

Vanilla Bean Chia Porridge With Caramel Pears This vanilla bean porridge is stylish and sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it in your pajamas on an early weekday morning. It’s made with coconut milk and chia grains with a whole scraped vanilla nut and caramelized sauteed pears in butter and coconut nectar.

Apple Cinnamon Roll Porridge Anything with” cinnamon flatten” in the title is going to get me excited in the morning. This apple cinnamon reel sizzling cereal is made from a coconut flour base with cinnamon and vanilla, and it’s topped with cinnamon apples and a coconut butter drizzle.

Paleo Oatmeal This oatmeal is totally oat-free, as it’s made with unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon, vanilla extract, vanquished pecans, butter, and maple syrup. Abusing the egg acquires this porridge genuinely stick to your ribs to deter you full, and lend lots of healthy protein.

Apple Pie Porridge Almond butter obliges this porridge delightful and rich and creamy, while contributing a lovely flavor. With almond milk, chia seeds, apple, and pecans, it’s sure to save you full until lunch period, and satisfied with the lovely flavors of cinnamon and spice, honied with coconut sugar.

Banana Nut Porridge This banana nut porridge has a nut base with cashews, almonds, and pecans. Mashing a ripe banana into it computes sweetness without the would be required for additional carbohydrate, and it also becomes the porridge a bit easier to grasp. Don’t forget the cinnamon and coconut milk!

Paleo Banana Hot Cereal Made chiefly with ripe bananas and coconut milk, this deliciously sweet porridge is packed with protein from almond and flax dinner, and has detonations of flavor from cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. If you need to candy it you can add a bit of maple or honey, but I think you’ll was of the view that the bananas do the trick.

Paleo Cream of Wheat-Style Porridge While there’s no wheat in it at all, this porridge has a composition and spice that are able to remind you of that creamy red-hot cereal you munch as a kid. This one is stimulated with almond and flaxseed dinners, almond milk, maple, vanilla, cinnamon, and a tinge of ocean salt.

Grain and Nut Free Porridge Necessitates a red-hot cereal that’s free of nuts, more? Try this banana porridge with abundance of protein from eggs greys, and creaminess from coconut milk. Golden flax seed, hemp centres, and vanilla re likewise hiding in here, and if you can eat seeds, a little bit of almond butter travels a long way. Butter, very!

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