German food brand Vego has added a brand new produce to its stray- a creamy grey chocolate bar ornamented with crunchy almonds.

vego almond bliss

Vegan chocoholics will be no stranger to German menu label Vego’s favourite melt-in-the-mouth chocolate hazelnut disallows which are a savory alternative for the persons who miss spooning Nutella straight from the jar.

According to The Vegan Kind, the’ king-size Vego chocolate bar is the most sought-after bar in the world that is organic, gluten-free and vegan fair trade.’

The chocolate bar is so favourite that in 2018 Vego supplemented a moreish brand-new product to its portfolio in the form of crunchy chocolate spread, which is made of raw cane carbohydrate, hazelnuts, sunflower petroleum, cocoa pulverization, lecithins( sunflower ), extracted vanilla and shea butter.

vego almond bliss

Now the company is expanding its commodity collection once again with the launch of an irresistible brand-new chocolate bar listed’ Almond Bliss'( RRP PS2. 15 ).

Almond Bliss is a milky grey chocolate prohibit studded with almonds and marks the first time the product has liberated a dairy-free white-hot chocolate treat. Not exclusively is the new prohibit vegan it’s also palm-oil free and organic.

Vego’s Almond Bliss prohibit will launch in stores across Europe in March.

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