Back in 2012, I recollect having the eventual productivity plan setup. All the appropriate tool were at my dumping- OmniFocus, Apple Calendars and Evernote. These tools have saved me a lot of time and I felt I had season conduct under control. I was always on time for appointments, I stopped working on the weekends, and most of my time was spent doing things I experienced doing.

I recollect waking up on a Sunday morning wanting to do my taxes. An iPhone notification been demonstrated by that on my calendar I had a whole daytime blocked off to go through my backlog of paperwork. All the IRS words were downloaded in my folder “Taxes”, the printouts were on my table and the only thing left remaining was for me to fill in the forms and get onto submitted to my accountant for final review.

As I was laying in plot, my psyche said “get up and do your taxes today” but my form said, “give yourself another hour”. Even though I knew what I needed to do, I was too tired to get myself out of plot. I preserved telling myself “just another thirty minutes” while I was browsing on my iPhone in bunk. Formerly I rolled out of plot, it was already early afternoon.

My friend called me and he requirement someone to talk to about his recent breakup with his girlfriend. After an intense hour and a half of listening and talking, I was not quite ready yet to get started on my taxes. It sucks to hear your friend follow up bad times and as an introvert that phone call took a lot of energy from me.

I don’t remember exactly what happened after but I do remember this: I didn’t file my taxes the working day. Despite having all the time in the world knowing exactly what I needed to do, I still didn’t get onto done.

When I was journaling about that experience that same nighttime, that’s when I had an epiphany. I used to think that time management was the same thing as productivity. As long as you oversee your time well, you’re being productive. Whether you show up on time, use OmniFocus or batch tasks together…they all do the same thing which is managing time.

But that Sunday showed me a different surface of what it means to be productive. It wasn’t a lack of term that harboured me back from filing my taxes. In reality, I had a whole period blocked off to work on it.

It was a lack of energy that regarded me back.

As I was journaling and manifesting, I realized that a major part of productivity is organized around exertion. You can be a GTD master and have all the right productivity apps but if you don’t have the exertion to execute, it doesn’t matter. It’s like having a beautiful scarlet Ferrari in your garage with a full container but if you’re too tired to drive, it’s useless.

To live a beneficial life, we want to have not only go but too energy.

TEA Framework Refresher

That’s why Energy is part of the TEA framework. We first introduced the TEA Framework in this article, and it undermines productivity down into three pillars 😛 TAGENDTimeEnergyAttention

We call it the 3 Pillars of Productivity. We’ve already covered the Time mainstay in this pole and now we’re going to cover Energy.

Energy Is the New Currency

After that day when I had my breakthrough insight, I started to experiment the whole way one can increase exertion and save vigor. After reading dozens of books, attending various summits and interviewing peak performance professionals I started to experiment. A much. I passed over 100 experiments such as 😛 TAGENDChanging foods( keto, paleo, whole 30, and many more) Tried every popular workout programChanging my sleep patterns, tried various sleep spoofs, and supplements to help improve sleepEvery maneuver I could find on Google to motivate myself every day

Once I figured out what worked and what didn’t, I started to see how vigor impacted my productivity. I acknowledged how…

I postponed much less because I had more intensity to do whatever I needed to doMost epoches I would wake up feeling great and was prepared to win the dayBy the time I was sitting down to work I felt I could subjugate the worldI felt more motivated than ever before and the same reasons lasted much longerI was more consistent in doing what needed to be done and I stopped skipping habits

After suffering these breakthroughs, I discovered the underlying conclude I stopped procrastinating.

The Reason Most People Procrastinate

The real intellect I procrastinated 90% of the time was due to lack of energy. Formerly I improved my health and how I felt every day, procrastination went away roughly instantly.

But as soon as I had a bad light of sleep or I ate junk food for a few daytimes, I started to procrastinate again. It was very obvious in hindsight, but it wasn’t until I started re-reading my journal that I introduced it all together. The higher your vigour ranks, the less you’ll procrastinate.

So I started a merriment experiment. Every buyer that had procrastination issues, instead of telling them to use the Pomodoro Technique or do a potent visualization exert, I told them to get more sleep so they would get more vigor. Most of them gave me a curious watch when I told them to go to bed earlier to get rid of procrastination.

Luckily for me, they trusted me and went onward with it.

Lo and behold, every single client reported back within a few daylights that procrastination wasn’t an issue anymore. They eventually had the vitality to ability through chores even if they didn’t feel like it. Bye, bye Procrastination. So if you are interested in procrastination is a important issues in their own lives, then start sleeping more.

Sleep is just one part of the Energy pillar. We have purified energy into three components.

The 3 Factors of Energy

At Asian Efficiency we’ve distilled force into three components 😛 TAGENDSleepRitualsMotivationSleep

If there’s one force multiplier for power, it’s sleep. Most people don’t get enough sleep and it’s suffering their life in many ways they might not be aware of. When we lack sleep, we often 😛 TAGENDCrave junk food and supplement inches to our waistProcrastinate more oftenLack firmnes to do important workMake simple blunders we usually wouldn’t makeDon’t utter our mas enough improvement to play at a high level

The number 1 war you can take to increase your power is to get more sleep. We recommend that you go to bed more quickly and have an evening ritual to get you ready for a good darknes of sleep. We have tons of free resources on this 😛 TAGENDListen to this podcast to learn about to get more sleepImplement a simple evening ritual

Inside the Dojo, our productivity library with a community of like-minded parties, we have a more in-depth sleep course.


At firstly, you might be wondering why we include habits under exertion. As you are able to know from following Asian Efficiency, we consider practices the superior cousin of garbs. They are specific and more effective.

What customs allow you to do is to take consistent act. Procedures will either give you exertion( sometimes in the form of momentum) or save you energy.

For example, here is a list of rituals that give you force 😛 TAGENDMorning ritual– start your daytime with lots of energy and feeling positiveExercise– regular exert develops capability for you to have more energyMeditation– a attentive rule that calms down the subconsciou to give you power on what’s present

On the other hand, “then theres” customs that save you vigour such as 😛 TAGENDBatching assignments– when you group similar tasks you get them done more efficientlyTaking transgress– it is imperative to withdraw and recharge anytime we push ourselvesA weekly re-examine– the more we re-examine what is needed from ourselves the less intensity we squander on works that shouldn’t be done at all

We cover a lot more procedures inside our Habits direction. For the aim of this article, you need to understand that rituals are now to give you energy or to help you save power( another way of saying that is to stop waste power so “youve had” more capability for interesting thing ).


Motivation is an interesting way of energy. It can’t be measured in scientific paths but we all agree that it’s real. It’s a mental state of mind and its core it’s a feeling.

When you’re caused, you feel enlivened. This feeling is something everyone can manufacturing on bidding but it’s a momentary feeling. It’s something all of us have to generate every day- some dates more, some days less.

Even if you sleep well and you have the right procedures in your life, you can still feel unmotivated and good-for-nothing comes done. Have you ever slept 8 hours and you felt fine but you still postponed?

Oftentimes this is a motive question. Fortunately for you, it’s relatively easy to turn around because incitement is a district and feeling. You can readily drum it up by toy your favorite upbeat music, changing homes or get your person moving. If you’ve ever been to a Tony Robbins seminar, you know what this was like. You’re jumping up and down and moving to upbeat music and before you know it, your physiological country has changed and now you’re all of a sudden motivated.

One other tactic parties don’t talk enough about is visualization. The strength of visualization is very effective to get yourself motivated. As humans, we’re driven to move away from pain or go toward a big benefit. You can use visualization practices to drum up reason by visualizing all the negative consequences if you don’t do something. For lesson, if I visualize all the negative consequences of not processing payroll, I can imagine all the negative things coming my behavior 😛 TAGENDAE employees will be unhappyI will get direct contents and emails from disgruntled peopleI am not provided under their children food, education, and lifeI can imagine the sad faces of the people I work withSomeone quits and leaves AE

And so on. By really visualizing all the negative consequences I’m instilling( imaginary) grief in myself that causes me to take action. Can you see how potent this is?

The same applies also to positive visualizations. You can use agreeable benefits for your visualizations to cause yourself. You could envisage how achieving a certain purpose might change their own lives which would prompt you to instant feel motivated.

If you’re interested in learning how to do a visualization usage, learn our Envision Film tactic now.

Another way to rekindle your motivation is to reconnect with your purpose. This could be used your life role( if you have one) or simply understanding what your why is behind a point, programme, or aftermath that you’re searching. For example, whenever I don’t feel motivated to use, I’ll recall my WHY behind my practice regimen. It’s this emotionally obliging reason that motivates me to get going. We handle this a lot more in detail inside our directions but if you want to learn how to discover your WHY then read this post.

Everything you do who are in need of exertion should have a clear the objectives and see behind it. Write this down. When “youre feeling” unmotivated, revisit it and you will see how it will activate “youve got to” take action.

But What About Diet and Exercise?

You might be wondering why I didn’t mention food and activity. Are they not important?

Actually, both are very important and have a major impact on your force stages. Located on its own experience, every human has basic universal sleep desires that are easy to coach and deposit. The same is valid for procedures and motivation.

This is where things take apart: when it comes to diet and employ there’s no universally agreed criterion. I might do well with a low-spirited carb diet whereas someone else needs to eat a lot of carbs to maintain suitable affair. Another person can only walk 5,000 stairs a era and feel immense while another person needs to face-lift heaviness five times a week to act at a high level.

After working with hundreds of clients and having done 100+ experiments with diet and employ, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s challenging to prescribe a baseline of what one needs to do for diet and exercising. There’s too much variance of what works and doesn’t work for an individual and that’s why I left them out. Peculiarly when you were supposed to factor in all sorts of dietary controls, chronic hurtings, health concerns, and so on. So to clarify: I believe your vigour heights are impacted by diet and exercising. You should exercise routinely( you already know that) and eat health( you know that too) to improve your health and increase your force grades. What you are able to do specifically will differ drastically per person based on their unique DNA, fund, reserves, and circumstances. When “youre working” 1-on-1 with an Asian Efficiency coach, you are able to get personalized advice on how diet and exercise could help increase your vigor but for the sake of this post and our online training materials, the authorities concerned will exclude them.

When you sleep well, has every right to rites, and grow motivated you’ll encounter permanent and positive changes to your exertion tiers. This works for everyone and why we will focus on these three components in our training materials.

Next Actions

As with anything you can expect from Asian Efficiency, everything we learn is actionable. There is a lot channels you can increase your intensity but the follow three actions will give you the best ROI 😛 TAGENDStop applying any electronic design an hour before bedtime and go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal.Implement a morning ritual.Visualize all the negative consequences that might happen when you’re was just about to hop-skip a exercise or procrastinate.

In our next announce, we’ll school you the third component of the TEA framework and the hell is Attention. This is crucially important to make sure you’re spending your time and vigor on the right things.

If you want to find out where you should start within the TEA framework, make our immediate Productivity Quiz. It will give you custom advice and act steps that will focus on your top productivity goals.