Hi all, so I’ve approached weight loss in part by monitoring my BMI. Recently however, a acquaintance of mine told me that it has been “debunked.” When probing about that on Google I obtained this link from NPR: Top 10 Rationalization Why The BMI Is Bogus. In special, one thing it said that piqued my pastime was this 😛 TAGEND

There is no physiological reason to square a person’s meridian( Quetelet had to square the stature to get a formula that matched the overall data. If you can’t specify the data, rigging the formula !). Furthermore, it dismisses waist immensity, which is a clear indication of obesity level.

Now, I’d hope that most, if not all, of us know that the BMI is not the end-all sovereignty on fitness or overall mas health( objects the clause makes as well ). But about a year ago I was at a health BMI. Since then I gained 30 pounds and have lost 10 of that on my pilgrimage back.

My waist size at a healthy BMI was clearly much smaller than my current heavines at 20 pounds heavier. I can’t fit into the clothes I wore a year ago in a cozy way. I’ve personally noted the BMI to be a pretty good guideline to what is a healthy value at a specific altitude.

And on that record … height clearly has an impact on what your health BMI is likely to be. I know that at my current weight that someone much taller than me is likely not as paunch and closer to a healthy load. How does that not make sense? Unless I’m misunderstanding something.

I don’t know, perhaps I’m biased, but I’ve never felt like the BMI was ridiculous and ever approached it with the mindset that it was a simple recommendation and not an official on overall state.

What do you guys consider? Has it been discredited?

Edit: While I regard the instantaneous downvote, that doesn’t certainly tell me anything…

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