I felt this article that the damage from gluten in celiacs is irreparable in 60% of parties. But the essay eventually guides into a webinar advertising. Does anyone is a well known fact this? What are the ways to fixing the leaky intestine if so?

https :// scdlifestyle.com/ 2012/03/ the-gluten-free-lie-why-most-celiacs-are-slowly-dying /

I have found other clauses online saying L-Glutamine and digestive enzymes the cure in restoring the irritation in our torsoes?

https :// goodbyeleakygut.com /

I got to find the section crooked because of the webinar but there are reserves online referring to how the rash and leaky intestine or intestinal permeability isn’t perfectly restored even on gluten free food. I’ve insured things relating thereto Candida Yeast and SIBO, so I think they were going to talk about adds-on like L-Glutamine and not eating sugars or carbs that feed the bacteria stimulating leaky gut.

Does anyone have info on this? I do believe just being gluten free is not sufficient. I have really really tried to reduce my carbohydrate and carb intake.

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