“She is seriously humbling it.”

When you speak with Emily, it doesn’t take long to recognise how proud she is of leveling up her life.

And she should be proud! What she’s effected is simply amazing.

Emily, a puppy hiker from Chicago, had been obese her part adult life- and it wasn’t like she didn’t try to lose weight.

Emily had attempted 😛 TAGEND

1,200 calorie diets( too low for her) 1,500 calorie nutritions( still too low for her) P90x and TurboFire( both channel too difficult) Jillian Michael videos( bearing) An abandoned Planet Fitness membership( “I hate treadmills and oval-shaped machines with the burn of 1,000 sunlights! ”)

Such start and stop patterns continued for years.

Then things changed.

Emily experienced that Staci, our intelligence female trainer for our 1-on-1 Online Coaching platform, was abiding clients.

She knew it was time to try something different. And this time, things were different.

For starters, Emily, for the first time in her adult life, was greater obese.

And when she ability to the gym, she vanquishes it, rocking 195 lb squats, 225 lb deadlifts, and 110 lb bench presses.


While all this is indeed super amazing, the thing I genuinely want to highlight today is Emily’s mindset change.

Because she had tried going in shape, several different ways, in the past.

However, a trap of “perfectionism” received Emily vacating all these earlier efforts.

But you don’t need to hear it from me. Let’s bring in Emily!


Steve: Hi Emily! Thank you so much for taking the time to chitchat with me.

I’d love to hear from you about your past- Can you make us through a conventional daytime before you started your expedition with Nerd Fitness?

Emily: A usual daytime for me inspected something like this:

I’d wake up and get ready for labor. I’d speedily look in the refrigerator and try to figure out what to bring for lunch. If there was a healthy alternative available, I’d grab it, but often I’d merely decide to pick up lunch somewhere eventually. Next, I’d go to work accompanying bird-dogs. When lunchtime arrived, I’d either feed what I imparted or stop and grab a sandwich or something at the grocery store sizzling table. Then the fight would begin of eschewing buying microchips and/ or chocolate. After office, I’d head home. I’d think about putting on a exercising video, but I’d be tired from my job so the judge “Eh, I’ll precisely do it tomorrow” would traverse my intellect. Then, I’d figure out what to make for dinner. Again, I’d try to make a healthful preference, but are most likely give up and lineup takeout. Then I’d watch Tv for a while, have a snack like popcorn or something to gobble while watching, and finally off to bed.

I did a lot of living in the moment. It certainly felt like I was trying so hard all the time, but a lack of planning onward “ve been given” too many opportunities to slip up.

Steve: Yeah, purveyors genuinely do plaza junk food at every direction in our convenience store. It really is tough to avoid it all.

Was this the first time you had tried to get in shape?

Emily: Scarcely.

I’d tried protruding to 1,200 calories a era for weight loss but merely couldn’t do it. I ceased up thirsty and sulky a lot.

Later, I tried again and bumped it up to 1,500 calories a epoch. Same ensues though, I ended up miserably and abandoned the effort.

As far as works out, I could never attain compatibility. There would be meters when I wouldn’t even are an attempt use. Other times, I’d try and work out every day. But I never felt good about what I was doing.

I held the P90x and TurboFire programs a shot, but they were too tough for me.

I tried some Jillian Michaels videos but went bored.

I connected Planet Fitness, but it turns out I dislike treadmills and elliptical machines with the barrage of 1,000 suns. I tried their weight machines extremely, but it felt really awkward.

Going through all this has educated me a useful instruction: if you don’t like what you’re doing, you probably won’t continue to do it.

Steve: You’re 100% right! We often tell people to exert in a manner that was they adore and to do that as much as possible. That, and also strength training.

But since you’re taken together with Coach Staci, I’m sure we’ll get at more of that soon.

Was there a specific moment when you decided to ask for help?

Emily: There was.

I had just punch my highest heavines ever. I was on the couch cry, searching through the subreddit r/ progresspics( where they are post before and after photos ), and I was so disheartened.

I felt like I was forever trying to lose weight, concluding lots of good choices while still coming nowhere. I had been a member of the Nerd Fitness Academy for a while and had leveled up a lot of my alternatives, but the weight loss only wasn’t happening.

Then, I considered that Staci was accepting clients for 1-on-1 Coaching, and decided to sign up.

Which has been a game changer.

In the past, I had a propensity to pick a burnished brand-new planned, try hard to be excellent, disappoint and burn out, and dispense with for a while until I found another glossy new program.

Staci really cured me centre, pick myself back up when I fell, and keep going.

Steve: I’m so happy to hear you hit it off with Staci.

Can we talk a little bit more about your “perfectionism? ” I foresee mounting from one program to the next is something a lot of people can relate to.

Emily: Yeah, my perfectionism was really deeming me back.

I used to set ridiculously hopeless points. I’d do okay for a little bit, then I’d have an eff it minute and feed half a bundle of Oreos. From there I’d deplete the next two weeks spiraling in shame and foiling, wants to know why I can never seem to stay on track.

Then I’d vow to get” back on the wagon” and the cycles/second would begin all over again.

I had to start where I was and learn to define teeny minuscule incremental objectives. Destinations that I could still do even when everything felt impossibly hard-boiled. Objectives like 😛 TAGEND

” Buy one veggie and eat it before it travels bad ”
During meal experiences, drink water ”
Even when I overeat, still log it as best I can .”

I had been trying to jump into a health life with both feet, when what I really involved was to baby-step my practice there.

So looking back, the most important point change I’ve realized is focusing on firmnes over perfection:

It doesn’t matter if my menu log isn’t absolutely flawless, really that I enter all my food as best I can each day.

It doesn’t matter that every exercising isn’t the most unbelievably hard-core exercising ever, only that I actually get myself to the gym three times per week.

Keeping myself moving forward even when I feel like giving up is the absolute most important thing.

Steve: Yes! You nailed two key points: Often it’s easier to manufacture small dress you are able to stick with instead of changing every single appearance of their own lives all at once.

The other is that uniformity is the name of the game. No one is perfect, but a key characteristic of success is to keep going. Your response foreground both projects perfectly.

What’s your workout program look like? What is Coach Staci having you do?

Emily: Strength training.

I lift forces on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday mornings first thing.

I likewise go to yoga class on Monday after task.

I LOVE lifting, it forms me feel like such a badass. Formerly I picked up a barbell for the first time, I was like” Okay, this is it. I obtained my favorite thing to do .”

I’ve gone from basically simply lifting the bar to a 195 lb doodly-squat, a 225 lb deadlift, and a 110 lb bench.

Steve: I don’t know if you can fully understand how happy you just made me! I’m so pumped that Staci helped you find a charity of fortitude training.

Talk to me a little bit about nutrition. What have you done differently? What programme are you following?

Emily: Since I was invariably hungry when trimming calories before, we knew we had to keep my volume up. Which intended devouring vegetables to encounter my calorie goals.

But I was reassured I didn’t like veggies. However, I decided to start an experiment. Every week I would pick up a vegetable I guessed I didn’t like, and try cooking it a few different ways. If following the conclusion of those week I still didn’t like it, that’s fine. I wouldn’t buy it again.

The thing is, I determined I actually DID like a bunch of different veggies. I really didn’t like the category coerced on me as a kid: boiled to demise and soggy with no seasoning.

Another thing that helped was making a menu plan ahead of time. Planning helped me restructure my life and oblige the healthier alternative easier, and the little healthy preference harder.

For example: let’s say it’s Thursday night after make. I had a hard daylight and I’m hungry, fretful, and tired. I know that I’ll start the easiest preference available at the moment:

Emily With No Plan hasn’t guessed ahead, as though it’s a surprise that she has to feed herself every day. She could either figure out a healthy meal to compile, perhaps have to swing by the grocery store and pick up parts, come home, prep everything and cook. Or, she could require bringing. Honestly, she’s probably going to order delivery.

Emily With A Scheme is braced! She previously is of the view that dinner is chicken fajitas. There’s chicken thawing in the fridge and the veggies are washed, chopped, and ready to go. In the moment there’s no tough have also decided to represent. Plus, it’s faster to really start the fajitas. She’s probably not requiring delivery.

I’ve exerted such a strategy a lot.

I ate a ton of chippings, so I stopped buying them. When I craved them I would have to go to the storage and buy a single function. That’s a lot of work for like 10 potato chips.

I ate a lot of cookies very, so I decided “I no longer maintain store-bought cookies in the house.”

If I want them I have to make them from scratch. I’ve actually manufactured them merely a handful of days since implementing this rule, which has drastically reduced my cookie intake. Shifting the regular structures of my life in this path enabled me to use my laziness as an advantage. If I establish undesirable choices too much work, I’m WAY less likely to choose them.

Steve: That’s stunning. I reached that same exact moment in a recent commodity, “Super Simple Batch Cooked Chicken For Lazy People.” You actually purified down the rationale on your example of fajitas.

Also, your approach on learning to like veggies is the exact one I applied! Great work all around.

What’s a usual date for you like now?

Emily: A normal era for me now 😛 TAGEND

If it’s a gym period, I wake up at 5:30 am and vanish elevator. I then operate home and get ready for creation. Otherwise, I wake up at 7:30 am. I grab the lunch that I prepped over the weekend from the refrigerator and head out the door.( Or, if I’m intermittent fasting, ricochet this gradation ). Then it’s time to go march some dogs for a while, and then I munch my lunch between visits. When I get home, I’ve schemed the whole week’s dinners over the weekend and have all the groceries I necessitate already. No is therefore necessary to make a decision, I really reach what’s proposed. Berth dinner, it’s hanging out with my husband occasion. But no snacking. Then off to bunked.

Planning ahead and setting up health habits has helped me so much better:

I don’t have to decide what’s for lunch or dinner, because that decision was once represented.

I don’t have to white knuckle my path past junk food at the food market while picking up dinner parts because they’re already in the fridge.

I don’t have to decide to work out, because gym go is blocked out on my docket. If it’s time to go to the gym, I just go.

No decision , no hop-skip because I don’t want to , no internal theatre. Just extend. That likewise symbolizes when it’s not gym occasion, I don’t have to think about it or feel guilty that’s it’s been too long since I last worked out. I’ve put in the structure of “peoples lives” to aid healthy habits and remove opportunities for unhealthy behaviors.

Steve: You actually are humbling it Emily. Both you and Coach Staci should be very proud.

Your appearance has changed? What else has changed about you?

Emily: I have altogether changed.

You’re right, how I ogle has obviously changed, but I’m likewise lane more confident now.

I’ve proven to myself that I can do what I formerly thought was impossible. I can appear my shortcomings square in the face and learn from them instead of extending from them.

I can rehabilitate my life from the ground up. I’m more self-asserting now instead of causing parties march all over me like I used to do. I’m route more forceful than I ever was before. And I’m more social because I have the exertion got to go and do substance.

I even sleep better.

I’m like a totally different person.

Steve: I’m so happy to hear that. We often talk about how one the process of improving life is conducive to another, and then another, creating a chain reaction.

I’m so happy you feel more confident of the consequences of your brand-new habits.

Okay, real talk: NF Coaching isn’t cheap. You’ve been a client for one and a half years. What offsets you stick with it and keep investing in yourself?

Emily: Coaching has definitely been worth the financing.

Just knowing Staci is there in my back pocket, that she accepts unequivocally I can do it, and she’s there with me every step of the highway has been invaluable.

She restrained me ground and focused. She obstructs me from getting confused by shiny new curricula. And when things get bumpy and I start to get overwhelmed, she cures me retain things in view and merely remain trucking along.

Interestingly fairly, I’m actually better off financially now than I was before Coaching.

Managing my calorie budget has helped me with my financial plan- there’s one tonne of overlap. It’s helped me sharpen my long-term planning skills.

Practicing the knowledge of not snacking junk food even though I demand it has helped me sharp my they are able to not buy things I don’t need. Both necessitate trying to get the most out of limited resources. Both ask putting long term points before short term longings.

Steve: I altogether believe it. The monetary and calorie budget analogy and overlap makes a lot of feel to me. You’re a intelligent one, Emily, and you’re okay in my bible!

Alright, I’ve got to ask: do you have any nerdy fervours or quests?

Emily: I read a ton of fantasy and sci-fi. My favorites are Name of the Wind, The Lies of Locke Lamora, and Way of Kings. I’m in three volume guilds. I also desire dallying board game.

I consider myself a Trekkie, but have also cosplayed as Kaylee from Firefly.

Lastly, I merely started playing D& D for the first time- my character is a kick-butt Druid.

Steve: A cherish of myth and sci-fi, cosplaying suffer, and repping a D& D persona: your nerd credentials are in proper require. We may proceed.

What’s next for you Emily? Where do you go from here?

Emily: Two main objective 😛 TAGEND

Continue with weight loss: next stop is a health value! Restrain getting stronger. As I said, I’ve been elevating for a while now and I adore it! Next large-hearted the objectives are 200 lb squat, 250 lb deadlift, and being able to do a chin up.

Steve: I have no doubt you will rock a chin-up soon. You’ve been subduing all else you’ve sought after.

Best of luck Emily! And thanks again for taking the time to share your narration with all of us!


We can all learn a lot from Emily.

Losing weight and altering yourself is tough. When someone around us does it, it’s worth analyzing their behaviour to see if any lessons can be gleaned for the rest of us. Something we are going to be able contemplate, and then taken any steps with ourselves.

Emily’s journey plies spate of good examples. In speaking with her, I purified six key characters that set her apart. Six behaviors that helped Emily supplant despite the odds against.

Here’s what we can learn from Emily 😛 TAGEND


Emily had been trying to lose weight for years:

Restricting caloric intake to super low levels? Check.

Running mindlessly on treadmills? Check.

At home workout videos? Double check.

She tried all of it. And she didn’t like ANY of it.

So she’d move onto the next “shiny brand-new program.”

What’s important is Emily never “ve been given”. She impeded trying brand-new things.

Then, when she started working with Nerd Fitness Coaching, she tried something better: picking up a barbell.

Now, Emily affection strength education and feels like a badass for doing it.

There’s no ONE way to get in shape, and Emily eventually found something she adores and will stick with.

The important thing is Emily saved trying until she got it liberty. Speaking of…


I love Emily’s willingness to experiment with vegetables.

Vegetables are nutrient dense, full of fiber, and low on calories.

If you’re trying to eat within your calorie objectives, but don’t want to be “hungry and grouchy” the whole time, vegetables will be key.

Emily was persuaded she didn’t like veggies. But she decided to evaluation her assumptions and try some out. She did this by picking out one new veggie a week.

If she cooked it and detested it , no big deal. She wouldn’t action herself to eat it again. But if she liked it…BOOM! A brand-new vegetable could be added to the menu.

Emily discovered she liked many different kinds of vegetables, as long as they were prepared correctly.

Be is accessible to experimentation. Try brand-new things. Not everything you experiment with has to work. But some things you try only might.


One of the true pearls of Emily’s interview comes from the” Emily With No Plan” and” Emily With A Plan” comparison.

She really nailed it. When you have a program, like prepared dinners for the week, you take all the guesswork out of “what should I gobble? ” Dinner time, which comes around every day, doesn’t have to be a surprise.

Emily knows exactly what to eat because she strategy it out over the weekend. And she never has to stress about not having equips, because she picked those up too over the weekend.

When it comes time to figure out what to eat, the most wonderful option available to Emily is the healthy meal she has planned for.

The same strategy can be on her workout planned 😛 TAGEND

Tuesday morning? She’s up early humbling it at the gym.

Wednesday morning? She’s sleeping in.

Emily never feels guilty about waking up late, because it’s all part of her schedule. Wednesday’s are her date to respite. The gym will be calling tomorrow.

Make a design. Give it on your schedule. Make your healthful habits automatic instead of worrying about what to do from one moment to the next.


In the past, Emily had let “perfectionism” derail her efforts.

In her own utterances, Emily got to find a “shiny brand-new program.” She’d go all in, excited about her new struggle.

Then…life would happen. She’d miss a workout. She’d munched some Oreos. She’d order takeout.

When this would unavoidably happen, she’d have an “eff it” moment. Emily would abandon everything and “then deplete two weeks spiraling in dishonor and frustration.”

Then, she’d try again, “ve got another” “eff it” moment and the cycle would echo.

But not anymore.

Today, Emily is consistent. If she wants to have some cookies, it’s okay! She knows tomorrow it’s back to backbone training and the chicken fajitas she has ready to cook.

No one is perfect. We all have times where we digres from the route. The important thing is to not let one decision feign all future decisions 😛 TAGEND

Don’t let some potato chips today stop you from going to see your yoga class.

Don’t let sleeping in and missing a workout this morning stop you from cooking dinner tonight.

Don’t let “perfect” be the adversary of “good.”


Emily had tried to get in shape many times before.

And Emily had stopped trying just as many times.

When Emily learnt that Staci was accepting patients as part of NF Coaching, she decided to try again. But this time, she would ask for help.

It’s okay to ask for help. Even if you have to invest your time or fund to do so.

You are not the first person to want to get in shape. Emily is not the first Rebel to alter herself. What stirs them successful was different from person to person, but oftentimes it’s that they reached out for assistance.

It’s okay to ask someone for counseling. Someone who has helped others do exactly what you want to do.

Yes, you will most likely have to pay for this expertise. But oftentimes, it is indeed worth every penny.

I’ve personally had an online coach-and-four for four years, someone who knows exactly how to help me contactmy goals, and it’s the most wonderful financing I’ve ever constituted.

Remember, you don’t have to make this outing alone.


I know it’s cliche, but going in shape really is a lifestyle adjustment. Conveying this isn’t something you do for a few weeks, a few months, or even one year.

It’s something you will do for the rest of your life.

For this to work, you need to enjoy the journeying ahead.

And Emily is experiencing herself!

She feels like a total badass when she deadlifts. And she should, because doing deadlifts is badass.

Emily doesn’t dread picking up the barbell. She looks forward to it.

That conveys she’ll retain doing it!

Emily takes a yoga class because Emily likes making yoga classes.

Emily sees chicken fajitas because Emily likes chicken fajitas.

Emily occasionally sees homemade cookies, because seldom Emily likes attaining homemade cookies.

You need to enjoy what you do, otherwise, you won’t stick with it. You need to have fun today, so years from now you’ll still be doing it.

It’s a message I truly push in the video “Want to get in shape? Judge in daylights and times , not weeks and months”

We are not manufacturing temporary changes, because they will exclusively create temporary arises. We are spawning permanent changes, so our changeovers will be permanent.


I’m super proud of what Emily and Coach Staci have accomplished.

And if you’re still predicting this, I want you to know I’m proud of you too.

You’re still speaking, which means you’re still trying( realise# 1 ). You attained your style to our strange reces of the internet and you’re part of the Rebellion.

I’m so happy you’re here today.

We’ll continue to be here for you tomorrow, next month, and years from now.

No matter where you are on your journey, I would encourage you to think about what attained Emily successful 😛 TAGEND

Don’t throw overboard. Remain trying, continue learning. But try something different! If get full Paleo didn’t work out, try cooking one brand-new vegetable a week as Emily did. Experiment. Do you always slam your scare off in the morning and bounce the gym before duty? That’s okay, you’re simply not a morning being. Try going to the gym in the evening- or try working out from home. It’s okay to try new things. Sometimes it takes numerous struggles before something “clicks.” Have a intention and build a organization. Batch cooking has changed my life and many other Rebels as well. It cultivates because it’s part of a method designed to ensure I have a healthy meal whenever I’m ready. Plans and organisations will outperform “motivation” every time. Don’t let “perfect” be the opponent of “good.” Unless this locate has been archived after the robot revolt, all of us are human. Meaning all of us are imperfect and flawed. That’s okay. Don’t let one inevitable slip up forestall you for weeks. That’s where the real trauma be coming back. Ask of providing assistance. Some people can perfectly change their lives on their own. Most can’t. If you have access to someone who knows exactly what to do to help, reach out. Most of us require a Yoda to become a Jedi. Have fun. Starting on a change that clears you deplorable is a sure burn mode for future defection. This is a lifelong journey, so discovering things you enjoy is critical.

If you ascertained yourself is applicable to Emily’s story, rushing from “shiny new program” to “shiny brand-new program” without get the results you’re after, perhaps it’s experience for something different.

Depending on your current situation, our 1-on-1 NF Coaching Program might be the droids solution you’re go looking for. You can learn more by clicking on the box below and planning a bawl with our crew!

No matter what you do, here’s what I want you to take away from Emily’s story 😛 TAGEND

Having person rooting for you is priceless. It could be a coach-and-four, but it could also be a love, a family member, or a co-worker who’s also trying to get in shape. If you can find a teammate, find a teammate. If you’re having trouble with your nutrition, conducted an investigation into meal planning. It was a game changer for Emily and it’s been a game changer for me.

If you do those two things, I can roughly guarantee you’ll has become a healthier form of you in 12 months. Then perhaps it’ll be your narrative on the website we’ll be sharing. And hey, perhaps your tour will engender change in somebody else!


PS: I want to give a special shoutout to Coach Staci, who helped turn Emily’s life around. Staci has leader and engendered hundreds if not millions of Rebels and we are very lucky to have her on Team Nerd Fitness.

If you want to see if we can help you height up your life, check out our 1-on-1 Coaching program. We’d love to talk to you , no matter what you finish up deciding.