Hello all,

If anyone has managed to find this blog of mine amidst tens of thousands of other health blogs, then oh my god welcome I already love you.

So about myself: I’m brown( as evidenced by my username lol ). However, I’m Indian. And if you are white, I’m sorry but you do not understand how daunt and traumatizing it is being overweight as a chocolate-brown girl. For all the desi people reading this I FEEL YOU MAN.

I’ve been overweight since I remember. I actually even remember the first time someone shaped enjoyable of me for my heavines. I was … 8 years old. So yup when it comes to mas likenes, it’s pretty non-existent for me lol.

I’m starting this blog and my insta( same figure- browngirlonketo)( please follow< 3) only for the purpose of me talking about my self persona/ confidence issues, my tour of keto, and to be held accountable by all you folks.

From Friday onwards I will be starting Keto. I’ve heard a great deal about it and even tried it for about two weeks back in the summer. But then sidekicks happened and my week-long carb bing culminated up being…well until now.

I’m so sick and tired of being solid and listening my family’s constant nagging about it that I really have to lose it. But I’m also doing it for myself. I’m tired of panting if I tread too much or not being able to do things or wear the clothes I want to wear.

So yup from Friday onwards, I’m starting my journey.

Would affection it if you guys wanted to join me on it or precisely chat with me!