Panda Express to Add Vegan Options

Panda Express, the country’s largest fast informal Chinese food restaurant chain, will be removing the chicken broth and animal-based seasonings from its Eggplant Tofu and Chow Mein saucers. This change follows “the member states national” campaign which stimulation roughly 5,000 petition signatures and hundreds of askings via social media for vegan menu entries.

By supplementing plant-based foods, Panda Express joins a long listing of fellowships catering to the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan nutrient. In The Economist article “The year of the vegan, ” correspondent John Parker writes that, “Sales of vegan menus in America in its first year to June 2018 rose ten periods faster than food sales as a whole.” Carl’s Jr ., Taco Bell, TGI Fridays, and A& W are among the companies that have added vegan food to their diner menus.

While apparently tiny, this change by Panda Express will make a big influence. Not simply will the chain contribute less to animal suffering by applying more plant-based ingredients, but it will send a strong message to other chains–this is financially advantageous and if we can do it, so can you. Both menu parts will be vegan by the end of February, but we recommend checking with your neighbourhood place before you degree them.

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