The No-Overhead Challenge Needs You! Donate Today!

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Every time a student is sided a Vegan Outreach leaflet, it’s because someone like you made a donation in response to a request like this.

All the act Vegan Outreach does for animals is fueled by donations. We’ve done a lot of good together–this Springtime semester we’ve handed booklets to 822,916 students and indicated 7,924 students virtual reality slaughterhouse footage.

But there’s so much more to do, and we need your help!

Without you, this work for animals is at risk of slowing–or even stopping.

A generous sponsor has pledged to cover all our overhead costs for the descend, so 100% of your subscriptions by May 31 will go directly to fund outreach that makes people vegan!

Please donate now to keep our work for animals vanishing! With overhead costs flooded, your donation is now going instantly to spreading veganism .~ ATAGEND

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