It’s that time of its first year again, which is something we take a look back and detect which dishes spawned the schedule of the top 10 vegan recipes of 2018!

It’s been a incredible time! My cookbook Fuss-Free Vegan received well over 200 5-star scrutinizes on Amazon. I dove deep into my YouTube channel for the first time and gained 24 thousand customers and just under 800 thousand considers. This blog has received well over 10 million (!!!) pageviews. And on a personal tone, I ran my first 1/2 marathon and found out afterwards that I had a ruined ankle the whole time. It has been a crazy shocking year, I’m sad to see it leave, but can’t wait to see what surprises 2019 will bring.

Here on my blog, I publish a LOT of brand new recipes throughout the year, and I adoration each and every one of them, but for me, it’s so much fun to look back and read what YOU cherished most. Whether you know it or not you voted for these recipes, by cooking them up, sharing them on social media, or precisely drooling all over the pictures. Check out the previous top recipe roundups from 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 for more fan favourites.

Now without further ado … a countdown to the most popular recipes.( Click on the designation of the recipe or photo to take you directly to the full recipe ).

10. Baked Tofu Bites

With a 4.74( out of 5) rating from 60 polls, 122 observations, and 8 thousand shares, these cooked tofu burns have become a staple in countless kitchens. So versatile they can be used anywhere that you might have exercised chicken. A mint of beings even describe them as tasting like chick-fil-a!

” Sam, I want to tell you that these are THE best tofu chews I have ever eaten! My husband, daughter( 22)& lad( 14) affection them. I can’t meet them fast enough before they’re all going to hell again. I highly recommend that everyone try these. They will not be disappointed. We’ve squandered them in “chicken” salad for sandwiches, Buddha bowls, “chicken” and rice casserole. There is no limit to the different ways to use these gilded morsels of yumminess. Thanks for sharing this recipe !”~ Christine Jost [?][?][?][?][?]

9. The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich had fewer shares and remark,( 3 thousand shares, and 50 mentions ), but for those who did try it, it was met with RAVE assesses 4.96( out of 5) rating. I’m a big fan of this sandwich and often suffice it as breakfast for dinner, making the tofu marinade all day or even overnight for maximum flavour.

” Oh my goodness gracious! I can’t even with this recipe! By far my favorite breakfast of all time. The tofu marinade is on detail and that sauce is a perfect kudo! Thank you so much for sharing and contriving my weekday breakfasts til the end of hour”~ Hazel [?][?][?][?][?]

8. Vegan Fried Egg !?

Yes, this is really vegan !! This vegan egg caught the internets attending when I shared how to make it on my YouTube channel. The video has received almost 55,000 beliefs, with 405 criticisms!

” This is gravely changed my life !! I reached the plunge sauce a couple weeks ago and finally got around to procreating the deep-fried egg today. Delicious doesn’t even begin to cover it !! I have yet to make a bowl of yours I didn’t adore! You are a genius !!!”~ Monique [?][?][?][?][?]

7. Vegan Butter Cauliflower

This is my take on the classic Indian butter chicken but realise vegan, uttered WAY healthier, and realized into a very quick and easy recipe to train. The sauce is key here, but you could try changing the cauliflower with other veggies or my baked tofu pierces. This recipe received 9 thousand shares, 81 commentaries, and a 4.7 rating( out of 5 ).

” Sam, another astonishing recipe from you. Just made this tonight and it was amazing yet so simple to do. This is going to be another one of my staples in the house. Thanks so much better and keep up the great work and recipes. You are my favourite vegan cook .”~ Sue C [?][?][?][?][?]

6. Vegan Ramen Noodle Soup

Another recipe where it wasn’t the biggest affect as much as is social shares( 2 thousand) or observes( 39 ), but for those who made this soup, it blew sentiments and has a 4.95 rating( out of 5 ).

” Hi Sam, We have made this soup two times previously and starting a third time tomorrow! We adore it. So simple and delectable! Thank you for sharing all your expertise with us !”~ Moe [?][?][?][?][?]

5. Fast and Easy Vegan Carbonara

This simple in spice, but improbably addictive pasta hit the spot with numerous and coming shared over 6 thousand times. The sauce is simple and creamy with paired with chewy, salty, smoky sun-dried tomatoes which yield an awful bacon character vibe.

” Brilliant! I utterly enjoy the smoky, salty sunlight baked tomatoes !! That is genius, Sam! Thank you: )”~ Patti [?][?][?][?][?]

4. Homemade Vegan Mac& Cheese Powder

With 132 comments and 16 thousand shares, this recipe hit the spot for many who want the availability of boxed mac and cheese, but homemade, vegan, and super affordable.

” Excellent! This is SO much better than boxed mac& cheese- hands down. In actuality, it’s even better than some of the “real” mac& cheese I’ve had during my pre-vegan periods. Well done !”~ Leanna [?][?][?][?][?]

3. Vegan Toast Dipping Sauce

This recipe came about when I had a sudden craving for dipping toast into egg yolk, or” steamed egg and soldiers” as some of you call it. I’ve fed this 5 minutes sauce recipe to many non-vegans and they are always blown away by how much it savor just like egg yolk. This recipe has received 177 statements from people who are equally blown away!

” SERIOUSLY !!! This is amazing! I have been vegan for about one and a half years, and I have just recently started to crave breakfast, egg yolk, brunch, scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos, pretty much all egg associated saucers. This is by far a top 10 life changing recipe! My 10 year aged non vegan lad and I are this like it was going out of style! Your website is stupendous! Preserve up the good work, I necessary some an idea! Thank you !!!”~ Lyndsey [?][?][?][?][?]

2. Vegan Seitan Steak

This is the first seitan recipe that I have developed. It took a TON of trial and error before I arrived on the excellent ingredient roll and proficiency to get these amazing steaks. My hard worked paid for as beings were blown away by this recipe! 15 thousand shares, 257 comments, 25 thousand YouTube attitudes, and a 4.82 rating( out of 5) from 94 votes. Yes, this recipe was clearly are necessary in order to the vegan parish!

” This was my 1st hour constituting seitan as I was always a bit nervous of composition, intricacy etc. I’d utilized gluten flour but not like this. 1st steak endeavors were AAAAMAZING! My freshly vegan hubby was dazed& ate 3 in one sitting! And I’ve use this recipe with nips now as the criteria for; stroganoff, pot pies,’ beef’ in black bean sauce, tandoori slice, chorizo-& didn’t THAT open up a nature of vegan menu undertakings ?! This recipe is a neglect proof for me, each time. PLEASE…a’ chicken’ seitan recipe really soon ???”~ Tova [?][?][?][?][?]

( And yes, I have been working on perfecting my vegan chicken vogue seitan recipe ).

1. Vegan Tofu Taco Crumbles

And the most popular recipe of its first year goes to my taco crumbles! My pa cherished this recipe so much he remains telling all his pals about how he never needs to eat a beef taco again because these are better. He’s not the only one who feels strongly about this recipe. 12 thousand shares, 106 observes, 15 thousand YouTube thoughts, and a 4.71( out of 5) rating from 61 people.

” OMGosh! So you ever get tired of affecting it out of the park? The vegan tofu crumbles are out of locate! I will stop extra house tofu in the grocery list every week. Honestly the ways to use these is endless! Clearly a favorite. Thank you !”~ Irene Binyon [?][?][?][?][?]

Are you drooling hitherto? I hope you enjoyed the recipes I created in 2018, and if you have any requests for 2019, be sure to leave them in the comments below. Joyous New Year everyone!

Bon appetegan!


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