Londoners will soon be able to enjoy the enthralls of shopping for regional artisan create at a farmers marketplace as the city gets set to welcome its first ever altogether vegan farmers market.

vegan farmers market london

Many beings enjoy nothing more than straying around a farmers busines at a weekend detecting savory new produces from local and artisan makes, but traditionally farmers sells are not terribly vegan-friendly.

But Londoners will shortly be able to enjoy the enjoys of browse at a farmers market as the city comes set to welcome its first ever altogether vegan farmers marketplace in Portobello on March 10.

The event organisers state:” Gone are the days of having to walk past a hog cook as you recruit a farmers market or is therefore necessary to, regrettably, buy your return& veg next to the meat and dairy stands .”

Visitors to the market knows where to find a wide display of products you’d generally expect to find at a farmers marketplace, all with a vegan twist.

The market hopes guests will find lots of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables on offer as well as a selection of London’s hottest vegan menu brokers, serving up the most wonderful vegan cuisine accessible right now.

Artisan traders will too be exchanging a variety of attire and perfection concoctions as well as handmade vegan cheeses, sauces and superfoods.

So come on down, do your grocery shopping, grab an ethical gift or two and consider yourself to a distinguish of delicious vegan lunch, and all in a friendly environment.

The Vegan Farmers Market takes target between 10.30 am until 2.30 pm on March 10 at All Saints Catholic College in St Charles Square, West 10. Get your FREE tickets from Eventbrite.

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