How long has/ is your weightloss journeying taking you ????

I’ve lost& gained maybe hundreds of pounds over the past decades, had babes and hard time physically, emotionally … so it’s been an EPIC journey. For once I’ve remained the same 50 pounds off for the past year and now I’ve gotten back into the ring to secrete the remaining 100 plus pounds to go.

Yes,” exhaust” because I’m not trying to find those chilling pounds again! With so much better knowledge in neglecting at this” weight loss jaunt” here is what I know for sure works.

1. Track your food.

As daunting and obvious as this gratuity is, I’ve noticed if the scale of assessments isn’t moving then maybe its time to reflect on what I’m putting in my cavity! I use the MyFitnessPal App. Easy to use and Free. 99!

2. Drink red-hot tea.

Here’s why … When I’m emphasized( or digested) I’m more likely to eat, even over gobble; meat would give me convenience the same nature cigarettes or booze would others. Do you find yourself munching or overeating when stressed? Chewing out of boredom? I now take the time to make a bowl of red-hot tea, sit down and decompress. Try it. There are so many tea( dare I say entertaining ?) options, get excited to change your stress feeing attires! This little tip-off does wonders when I have lusts as well!

I experience the Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea by Yogi.

3. Wear your sneakers persistently.

Yes, Truly! This know it sounds silly and incongruous to some, but I’ve noticed that instead of leaving my shoes at the door, I’m more likely to be beneficial around the house and I may even get the advocate to take a walk or exercise! Plus I’m always ready to go! Share with me your gratuities on how you stay caused!

4. Don’t weighed yourself every day!

You may have heard this before and with good reason. Weighing yourself every day can get frustrating tight! Our mass fluctuate daytime to period with trash, NEW muscle etc. Likewise when the quantity on the scale of assessments isn’t what you’re expecting, you’re likely to be discouraged and potentially sabotage your progress.

Start quantifying your progress instead.

Remember if you’re working out( even strolling more) you’re building muscle, and as we know muscle weighs more than overweight, yet makes up less gap!

Make government officials” weigh-in daylight” either once a few weeks, once every 2 weeks or every month

Who else has been a slave to the scale? Ever relatively your journeying because of those evil numerals?

Bonus gratuity!

Rid your fridge& pantry of food’s that will sabotage your lifestyle, literally out of sight, out of cavity? Dangerously go and do this, like … Today!

5. Be style to yourself.

This isn’t just a copout tip-off, REMEMBER, the world wasn’t created in a date, we didn’t reach our highest value over-night, it is therefore will. make. time.

Absolutely persuade yourself- that all of your hard work will be worth it! When you get inhibited, remind yourself why you set this objective, realize yourself at your goal load and that you’re doing this to be healthier copy of you!

Most importantly, love yourself; if you don’t love yourself now … in this district, how are you able expect to love yourself when you’re 20, 50, 100, 200, 300 pounds lighter ???

Bonus gratuity! Track Your Steps!

You don’t need a fancy Fit Bit or pricey Apple watch to accomplish this, most people own a smart telephone and think it is or not your phone is more than likely already tracking your steps.

Apple has the “health” app typically pre-installed, so if you’ve never seen this chap you’ll be surprised to see your stair history.

Android has a same app,” Google Fit “.


Download one. It’s that easy. Take accusation of your health and aim for 10,000 steps a era. The median American walks between 3,000- 4,000 paces a daytime. Be above norm. Your person and future soul will thank you. Do you already move your gradations? What was your highest step counting?

I hope these gratuities will help! Tell me know in the comments! -Leslie @Keto. Odyssey Check out my Pinterest with hundreds of Keto diet recipes, exercisings and of course more tips!