Yesterday, I had a rather epic mislead dinner. What was different now was how it was made in my mind.

Over the past years, I’ve worked food as a “reward”. If I do x, then I will be rewarded with y. For instance- earning a championship gets pizza. Good report card gets an all you can eat buffet. Holiday get A, birthday goes B.

Also- menu was used as a mood stimulator. If “theres gonna be” assertions in my home, person would then later become get cheese steaks to obligate everyone fortunate. If we had a rough daylight, perhaps we’d have ice cream or a treat.

Food was consumed is not merely to celebrate the highs, but as a climate stimulator for the lows.

For me- that is dangerous territory.

What’s of interest here though is this came about to celebrate 150 pounds of weight loss. 151 to be precise!

My trainer told me I had to celebrate. I was affirming it- knowing the above. I didn’t want it to be a food-based payoff and kick off a round. She was insistent. Those who have had value before likewise recognise they don’t need many excuses to partake.

I then thoughts back and recognise I don’t think I had a cheat era in perhaps 4 months? I had lost racetrack of the last meter I went over 100 -1 25 g of carbs.

This may have been a ” defraud ” snack for me mentally, MAYBE affecting 110 g of carbs for the day.


You may find me affix my keto “cheats”- which might take me to 75 -1 00 g of carbs for the working day. This are to be able to when I made up my French fries. But as much as is maybe making 200 -3 00 g of carbs? Months. I think it might perhaps be mid-November for my birthday. Even then, it is likely to wasn’t over 125.

So what happened?

I get done talking with the manager at 10:02 and in my auto at 10:04 I accompany a text sense from my brother that he is one of my favorite meat from a region near my mom’s house for lunch, and wanted to know if I’d want him to get me a cheesesteak.


So- in the 2 minutes saunter from my instructor to the car, I was already thinking that I was going up to my mom’s today and I reckon I can get myself a cheesesteak. And I see that text from my brother.


But get this. When my manager was asking me to celebrate, my mentality wasn’t immediately going to food. I was thinking about buying myself a new duo of wireless headphones and going for a 3 hour hike- do some time to myself. My wireless headphones die at 45 -9 0 hours, with no rhyme or reason. I’m likewise looking to buy clip in pedals/ shoes for my motorcycle in a month. So this is where my psyche moved !!

My reward system did NOT go to food.

However, I have been thinking about this cheesesteak for awhile. By the course, the picture was simply HALF of the cheesesteak. P.S. Those of you not from this area…it’s NOT a steak and cheese sandwich. It’s a CHEESESTEAK. But what’s the spate?


I took this word-painting from” The Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson. Just finished. This is a must spoke for anyone who wants to lose weight. They talk about keto some, but eventually it talks about a low-pitched carb lifestyle. If you look at the above, take note 😛 TAGEND

The most restrictive expanse is under 50 g of carbs, this is the keto( and intermittent fasting) province. This is where you would have large number of ketones and be” in ketosis “.

What I have tried to tell people with my journey over the last year is that being in ketosis 100% of the time isn’t a big deal. I have written here that most days I’m likely 50 -7 5g. In the summer months, I’m closer to 75 g with my increased outcomes in my smoothies on the weekends.

This chart shows you that you can lose weight as long as your carbs are pretty much under 100 g. That told me about it, for the first month I’d stay under 30, then walk it up to 50. On periods where you employ more, having 50 -7 5 is fine.

But what this illustrates to me is that “off ramp”. When I hit 190 pounds or so, and I want to add some tubers or apples- where is my upper limit? 150 it seems.

I once went to a dietician at York Hospital. She told me 😛 TAGEND

munched 80 g of carbs per banquet Have 2-3 snacks at 15 -2 0g of carbs each

So a dietician was telling me to have 240 g of carbs for snacks and perhaps another 60 in snacks. 300 g of carbs per period ???

This is the problem with our plan today. Most medical professionals are dealing with the playbook from the 1960 s, and if they recommend anything else, they can possibly “losing ones” license.

So how many g of carbs do humans need to exist? The naked number? 0.

So why was a registered dietician telling a chap at 350 pounds to eat 300 g of carbs per date? She also recommended 2200 calories. What’s interesting about this is that this was CUTTING my carbs from where I was. My big spaghetti banquets I was having 3 parts of eat with it. My lunches were sandwiches with chips and outcomes. My breakfasts were large-hearted bowl of cereal.

300g of carbs was CUTTING my carbs. I initially lost a few pounds, but I was STARVING the whole damn meter. I didn’t know how people could live life at 2200 calories and THIS HUNGRY all the time.

Well folks, if you hold your carbs, your appetite will follow.

Perhaps keto is” very strict” for you. Do it for 3 weeks to start your figure on burning solid and slowly step up to 100 g of carbs per daytime or so.

I digress- this meal to me I didn’t inevitably throw into a compensation bin for me. This might have been the first time in my life someone told me to celebrate and the first thing that came into my thinker wasn’t food.

These demeanors can be changed, tribes !!

So what I DID do was mentally tell myself I was doing a carb refeeding, and that with all of the lifting I was doing, I can have a go and some fries today to cure refill my glycogen storages. It was a little bit of mental gymnastics, but the facts of the case that I couldn’t even remember the last season I had a real cheat snack over 150 g, I decided it was time.

Of attention though, I don’t think my carbs for the working day get north of 200. I also didn’t eat dinner. I had a little bit of dark chocolate and peanut butter.

Carb cycling?

But what’s the deal with carbs on keto? Isn’t that evil? Yes, and no.

Let me justify a little about what’s going on inside of your form. When you do things that require glycogen to be used, it becomes depleted over age. When you are a” sugar burner”, your body will use the glucose in your blood, and when your blood sugar plunges a bit, your liver will exude it’s glucose storages into the blood. Additionally, the muscles you have will also liberate glucose. This is why all of those marathon and triathlete people” carb up” before a big phenomenon and have those gels they use during racing.

However, those of us who are flab adapted primarily burn paunch as our primary ga informant. Yes, when glucose thumps us, it prefers to use it, but generally speaking, my liver storages of glucose are chiefly empty. When you first start keto, your exercisings suffer. You are depleting your muscle glycogen, and for 2-3 months, your muscles feel weaker. Over epoch, all of the carbs you are getting from weeds start to re-fill your glycogen accumulates in your muscles. 14 months in to keto, and I have ZERO side effects of face-lift weights.

My body has been able to use the carbs from all of the seeds to then re-fill my glycogen accumulations in my figure. It has also been shown by Phinney and Volek that when you are doing a ketogenic diet, “its by” glycogen giving for the long distance runners. So those who began with significantly less glycogen than those” sugar burners”- at the end of a marathon, they had accurately the same sum of glycogen. It been demonstrated that while in ketosis, the fat burners worked collected figure overweight rather than the sugar accumulates( glycogen ).

When you have a good workout session, your organization is searching out carbs and proteins. The carbs will replenish the glycogen you just worked, and the protein will be used for protein synthesis to reparation muscles.

If you are going to have bread- get it on after an hour in the gym.

My body still is not immense with carbs anymore. Additionally, these things are inflammatory. And addictive. So- that meal I had yesterday for lunch may have been 200 g of carbs. And maybe 40 g of it went to my glycogen supermarkets, maybe 60 g. Maybe 100 g?

Because I’m no longer a carbohydrate burner, the rest of it was probably accumulated as fatten. The good bulletin is, after 14 months of being keto, my body LOVES to burn fat.

I’m 2 pounds heavier on the scale today. A years ago, that mislead banquet would have been able framed me at 5-6 pounds heavier, as it would have kicked me out of ketosis and I would have drank a gallon of spray. Today, I’m still moving in the ketosis realm. No penetrating yearning. I may be out of ketosis, but maybe for another 24 -4 8 hours.

Today, I will get back to it. I will have lower carbs today to drive myself back into ketosis, and that 2 pounds will be gone by Tuesday.

But what about carb cycling?

I’m not scheming on doing it anytime soon, but there are SOME people who do keto for awhile and maybe have a” carb re-feed” daytime maybe once a week. For sample- if you are on keto, fatten adapted, and punched the gym somewhat hard all week- the suppose is you are preserving your glycogen places kind of low-grade which may negatively affect your workouts. By having a date perhaps you have 200 g of carbs, perhaps you can ” top off” your glycogen stores.

The point here is that there is no ONE WAY to do keto. Many of you are told 20 g of carbs or less per daytime, otherwise “youre not” “really” keto. The object of keto is to be low carb, high flab, moderate protein to mainly burn fat. You don’t have to live like a monk. But, you do need discipline of some sort.

When I depart keto, it will be around 185 -1 90 pounds, and my departure to keto will be having … 50 -1 25 g of carbs per period. Meaning, once or twice a few weeks I may have a banana or apple and not fret. I may have a potato or sugared potato with dinner. I may have a good quantity of carrots in my soup. It does NOT want gobbling a pouch of peanut butter bowls or ingesting half a pizza.