Vegans and foodies revel- Peterborough’s original and much-loved vegan street food pop up is about to open its first bricks and mortar locating.

Resist! Vegan Kitchen

Resist! Vegan Kitchen has been building relatively the figure for itself as Peterborough’s original and much-loved plant-based eatery after it was founded back in November 2017.

Starting life as a pop-up feeding the masses at The Ostrich Inn on North Street, the team behind the pop-up are pleased to announce they will be opening their firstly bricks-and-mortar place at the Key Theatre on March 1st.

Resist! was founded by Peterborough regional Gareth Ellison as a solution to feeding thirsty gig-goers, and demonstrated such a reach that he became inspired to take the idea to the next level and since has watched Resist! vanish from persuasivenes to strength, wowing bunch from all the regions of the UK.

Resist Vegan Kitchen

Despite having a strictly plant located menu, Refuse! aren’t trying to create an environment that exclusively vegans are welcome in, their nutrient has been enjoy access to people with a varied wander of foods and preferences, and their street meat has proved to be a massive success across the board.

Customers at the new vegan eatery will detect a menu bundled with items like their legendary Fight! Doner Kebab, slow-cooked sticky BBQ ribs( with carbohydrate cane bone ), fried Chickun diversities and their menu of loaded fries, all of which is now being made from scratch, in live by the team.

Resist! Vegan Kitchen


Resist! pride themselves is not merely on furnishing groundbreaking plant-based food, but accommodating ethics and sustainability high-pitched above all else and are intensely proud to be cruelty-free, pro-feminist, LGBTQIA+ friendly, animal-friendly and community focussed.

They too have a keen focus on sustainability and being category to the planet and so offer are determining it their mission to be able to offer zero consume, carbon-free licensed dining for vegans in Peterborough.

Resist! Vegan Kitchen

Resist! will likewise be selling a range of sweatshop-free stock and is likely to be frame homeless nutrient subscriptions as well as initiating community-based war. in an attempt to wreaking their neighbourhood community together, supplying vegan food, safe gaps and grassroots arts.

Speaking about the opening on the new venue, owned Gareth said:” We’re delighted to announce that we will be taking over the Riverside restaurant at the Key Theatre as Resist! Vegan Kitchen, with our official opening on March 1st 2019.

” We will be making our street meat with an extended menu, pre-theatre positioned menus, fine dining phenomena and live conduct s, all at an economical ruthlessnes free price within the dazing prepare of the Key Theatre alongside the riverbanks of the Nene .”

Resist! Vegan Kitchen will open at the Key Theatre on March 1st 2019.

Images courtesy of Gareth Ellison/ Resist! Vegan Kitchen

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