If you are constantly feeling drained, run down or just plain depleted, you maybe lacking in Vitamin B.

I am not a doctor nor have I studied nutrition through a University but I have been a vegetarian for about 20 years fairly successfully! Throughout this time I had been quite low on my vitamin B stages but once I cleared the right dietary change and boosted my B Vitamin stages, I genuinely did notice certain differences, physically, mentally and emotionally. When you are low on B vitamins, you are more easily emphasized, persistently tired, sleepy and you feel like something is missing.

Once you get the vitamin B “hit”, you start to feel your vigour flowing again! The ability starts labouring better, it’s easier to get up in the morning, mental fogginess leaves you allowing you to make clearer decisions, things don’t get to you as easily and you exactly feel more how you should feel!

So how do you get more B Vitamins into your food without “ve had to” make it a massive lifestyle change?

These daytimes I have 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast on my salads everyday. When I have eggs on rare occasions, I’ll scattered a little over them! That’s it! B vitamins sorted! Nutritional yeast has all the B vitamins you need. I sometimes miss one or two days when I’m not feeling it, but if I go too long without it, I start feeling drained and run down again. So deterring a regular intake of Vitamin B through Nutritional Yeast is important.

Eggs with Nutritional Yeast on low-grade carb dough.

Nutritional Yeast has been a life saver for me as a vegetarian, as it restrains my B Vitamin ranks at an optimal neighbourhood where I rarely need to add additional B vitamins from other sources.Here got a few Nutritional Yeast labels that I recommendBraggsAbsolute OrganicCeres Organic

I’ ve also put together a basic table to give you some other ideas of B Vitamin generators if you need to mixture things up a little bit!







Convertsfood into force. Cures with nervous system role. Spirulina, Legumes, grains, meat, dairy, eggs, leafy dark-greens.

Males 1.2 mg/ era

Females 1.1 mg/ era

Fatigue. Nerve damage, Mental fluster


Converts food into vigour. Good for skin& looks. Dairy, eggs, fish, leafy parks

Males 1.3 mg/ daylight

Females 1.1 mg/ era

Skin Issues


Converts food into energy.Improves cholesterol, abets absorption, appetite. Meat, fish, dairy, grains, seeds, dark-green veggies

Males 16 mg/ period

Females 14 mg/ epoch

Appetite, Muscle weakness Mental Confusion


Converts food into exertion. Red blood cell production.Aids digestion Meat, Avocados, Broccoli.

Males 5 mg/ era

Females 5 mg/ daylight

Adrenal Glands, Metabolism


Helps brain function, protein and amino acid metabolism Hormone yield. Helps the body to fight infections. Liver, Meat, Fish, Legumes, Spinach

Males 1.3. -1. 7 mg/ day

Females 1.3 -1. 5 mg/ daytime

Anxiety. Muscle weakness. AnaemiaSkin issues.Confusion


Converts food into power. Good for hair and nail health. Eggs, nuts, fish, cauliflower, sprouts

Males 30 mcg/ period

Females 30 mg/ day

Appetite Depression Hair, skin& nail state


Protein and amino acid metabolism. Red blood cell increment. Particles, Bread, bananas, beans

Males 400 mcg/ day

Females 400 mg/ era

Anaemia Brain and gut purpose


Red blood cell yield, ability and nervous system, Converts food into power. Liver, dairy, flesh, fish, seafood

Males 2.4 mcg/ era

Females 2.4 mg/ day

Nerve damage Weakness Anaemia Irritability