Luxury French skincare and cosmetics brand Clarins has liberated its first-ever vegan and cruelty-free skincare collection.

clarins vegan range

French skincare brand Clarins who are notorious for their high-end knockout and skincare concoctions has announced the launching of its first array of entirely vegan and cruelty-free skincare products.

According to the company:” The My Clarins compas is our first vegan skincare compas. This has meant that each and every concoction is prepared with nourishing outcome removes and plant-based formulas. And, our My Clarins range is also cruelty-free. We’re proud to say that our vegan skincare products have built it from our natural informants to your skin without being tested on animals .”

Not “theres only” Clarins ensured that the products in the My Clarins series are vegan and cruelty-free, but it is also well looked at the eco-credentials of the packaging which is made from recycled information sourced from a sustainably coped forest.

The skincare range controls the power of seeds by utilising parts of natural beginning such as hydrating organic coconut irrigate, detoxifying moringa obtain, radiance-building acerola seed extract and soothing shea butter to give bark a magnificent glow.

clarins vegan range


Whilst other non-vegan commodities exchanged by Clarins are not cruelty-free due to the fact the brand sells its commodities in China where animal testing is required by law, the My Clarins collection will not be sold in both countries that countenance researching on swine such as China and South America.

Image credit: Clarins

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