Stuffed Chicken Breast is one of our favourite easy dinner recipes. This chicken has a savory cheesy spinach satisfy and is wrap in smoky bacon then baked until tender and juicy.

We love helping stuffed chicken heart on a plot of rice, or alongside some scalloped Potatoes and asparagus. It’s a delicious and versatile dinner that their own families ardours!

A baking dish full of spinach stuffed chicken breast with the front one cut in half.

How to Make Stuffed Chicken Breast

Stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon looks like you fussed for hours but it’s not hard to originate. Here’s how to prepare spinach stuffed chicken 😛 TAGEND

Butterfly the chicken hearts( see below for details ). Initiated the satisfy and cool fully. Lend crowding to butterflied chicken. Add cheese. Close the chicken, wrapper with slivers of bacon and reassuring with toothpicks. Cook until juicy and gilded( 165 degF ).

How To Butterfly A Chicken Breast

Whole, skinless chicken breasts can be quite dense. When making this substance chicken tit recipe, you’ll want to use an easy skill announced “butterflying”.

To butterfly means to cut in half horizontally( not all of the method through, but most of the route) just like I do in my Bacon Wrapped Chicken. Open the tit up, various kinds of like a diary. When done correctly, the heart glances same to a butterfly with open backstages- hence the call. Here’s how I do it 😛 TAGEND

Nurse the thinner culminate of the chicken tit with a paper towel, or with the tines of a fork( skinless raw chicken are likely to be slippery ). Exploits a sharp-witted bayonet with a thin blade( a filet bayonet is enormou if you have one ), slice through horizontally most of the style through. Leave about 1 ” towards thicker intention unscathed. Open the chicken tit( like a diary) and using a meat mallet, pound to an even thickness according to your recipe.

Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breast fresh from the oven in a baking dish.

Stuffed Chicken Breast

The parts in this spinach and cheese stuffeds chicken breast are pretty simple and immediate to brace!

Spinach for Stuffed Chicken: I most often use fresh spinach but of course you can Fresh Spinach for Frozen and vice versa. If you’re abusing frozen spinach, thaw it exhaustively first and take up a handful and squeeze out the irrigate before mixing it with the paste cheese. If you’re abusing fresh spinach, cook it first.

Cheese for Stuffed Chicken: I enjoy the combo of spinach and Swiss cheese( plus swiss tends to holds up well when baked) but you can use any cheese you like! Feta is also a great alternative. I use garlic and herb ointment cheese for flavor but plain labor as does any spice you like!

How Long To Cook Stuffed Chicken Breast

Baked stuffed chicken heart is appropriate to provide for cooked in an uncovered cook pan for 35 -4 5 minutes in a preheated 375 degF oven. Chicken breasts can differ from 5oz to 10oz in immensity so I ever use a thermometer to make sure it contacts the poultry-safe cooked temperature of 165 degF( the excellent temperature for any Baked Chicken Breasts.

When done, allow your spinach and cheese stuffed chicken heart respite for several minutes before performing( to firm up the cheeses and let the juices determine ).

Sliced stuffed chicken breasts full of spinach and cheese on a bed of rice.

Baked substance chicken tit is classic ease menu. Serve spinach substance chicken heart with a fresh Kale Salad, Easy Oven Roasted Potatoes( or Mashed Potatoes) and your favorite veggie surface food!

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Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast

Stuffed chicken breast is one of our favorite recipes ever. This bacon wrap stuffed chicken tit is substance with Swiss cheese and spinach, then cooked until affectionate and juicy.

8 oz fresh spinach leaves 2 oz swiss cheese( or mozzarella) 2 tablespoons spreadable ointment cheese( herb& garlic spice* see note) black pepper 4 chicken tits( boneless, skinless) 8 wedges bacon cajun spice( optional)

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Chop spinach and lieu in a non-stick pan over medium heat. Stir until shrivelled. Add cream cheese and stir until melted and peaches-and-cream. Cool completely.

Butterfly chicken breast( so you can open it like a work) and pound to 1/2 ” thickness.

Divide the spinach motley over each and close chicken all over the spinach. Wrap each breast with 2 slices of bacon and secure with toothpicks. Season with cajun or chicken seasoning if desired.

Bake on a wash for 35 -4 0 hours.

If you don’t have flavored ointment cheese, include a pinch of garlic pulverize, salt and pepper to taste.


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