The world’s most vegan metropolitan, Bristol, will soon welcome a brand new vegan deli and cafe.

vegan deli bristol

Bristol was an early adopter of the plant-based diet, and recently celebrated being voted the number one city in the nations of the world for veganism by Chef’s Pencil in January.

Now the light-green capital of the UK is about to welcome the cities firstly vegan deli and coffeehouse as Flip get set to open its doorways on the place of a onetime Indian takeaway on North Street.

The cafe will serve up a selection of simple-minded, yet charming foods and diners can choose from a range of delicious deli considers to take home.

Bristol is a city that have all along endorse sustainable practices and taken together with local suppliers and Flip are proud to be working with so many of Bristol’s small-minded, neighbourhood artisan food producers.

vegan deli bristol

The environment is an issue close to owner Sophie Fox’s heart and she plans for the vegan eatery to be plastic free by sufficing up takeaways in compostable or reusable packaging.

Speaking to regional bulletin outlet Bristol Post, owner Sophie, who ranged Cafe Create at The Create Centre for the past eight years, said:” At Cafe Create I’ve been busy developing a vegan straddle and I wanted to take it to the wider public. It would seem to be North Street is a good neighbourhood for this and it will be good to take on a website which has been empty-bellied for so long.

” It’s going to be a big mount going from the security of the Create Centre to the high-pitched street but I’m really excited and can’t wait to get going.

” I did some research and couldn’t find another dedicated vegan coffeehouse and deli in the UK, so tentatively cleared the claim that this is likely to be the first. The deli bar will be our paragon and everything we sell will be made by us on area .”

Flip will open at 81 North Street, Bristol, BS3 1ES in March 2019.

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