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Is the keto diet consistent with current dietary specifications? Not actually. It’s getting better, though. Just only a few years ago, the dietary specifications were pretty much the full amounts of the inverse from the low-carb keto diet. Now, recommendations are at least is moving forward somewhat the right direction. We recently took a deep dive into the new Canada Food Guide that was exhausted earlier this year. You can predict our review here. To learn more about the conventional dietary guidelines and its potential problems, check out our top videos about dietary guidelines:

1A global meat revolution3 4:30 The blunders behind the obesity epidemic and how it is possible to prepare them together, entitling people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

2Diet and activity for a healthy heart2 1:36 What can you do to have a healthy soul? In this interview, designer Ivor Cummins questions cardiologist Dr. Scott Murray all the essential questions about soul health.

3Did the introduction of the dietary recommendations start…[ Read More …]

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